The Mixing Bowl: Tarte Tatin by Judy Kaufmann

Barcelona-based illustrator Judy Kaufmann is sharing a recipe today for a truly beautiful dessert, the Tarte Tatin, which is essentially an apple pie baked upside down! Judy sent along several images of the baking process and it really is a wonder to behold. And the finished product looks absolutely delicious! All I’d need to do is add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and I’d be in heaven!

 I was first introduced to Judy Kaufmann’s work via her colorful portrait of Frieda Kahlo. The image is so whimsical and fresh that it’s practically begging to be put on a wall! Her use of bright colors and her quirky spin on the ordinary makes her simple illustrations really stand out. My favorite pieces come from her Circus series (love these!) and from the Famous Print Collection, which includes the Kahlo print. You can check out the full range of prints, and shop online, right here. You can also check out more of her work, and additional product info, via her website.

You can find the complete Tarte Tartin recipe, plus more images after the jump. Thanks, Judy! ~Erin

**If you need help converting the measurements, click here for a nifty conversion calculator.

The Tarte Tatin:

Ingredients for the filling:
1.5 kg of apples.
70 g unsalted butter.
185 gr of white sugar.

Ingredients for the dough:
225 g flour.
1 pinch of salt.
100 g unsalted butter.
65 g of powdered sugar.
1 egg.

Peel the apples and remove the heart. Cut them into quarters.

Place the butter and sugar in a pan. Heat the pan over medium heat until the butter comes together with the sugar.

Arrange apple slices into the pan tightly without leaving holes.

We'll have to turn over the tarte, so organize the apple so that they cover the entire surface.

Leave the pan over low heat for about 45 minutes or until apples are soft, caramel brown, and the liquid has evaporated almost entirely.

With a spoon sprinkle the apple juice over the apples, so that it caramelizes the top.

Preheat oven to 190°C.

Spread the dough into a circle that covers the entire mold. Place the dough above the apples, pressing edges downwards.

Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until crust is browned and cooked. Remove from oven and let stand 5 minutes before turning it over.

Serve it warm. You can serve it with vanilla ice cream.

No Laggard in Love: Chapter 15 Review

Last time in No Laggard in Love, Louise was saved by Wow-Wow and Hamish from death in a boat house. Together they made their escape in a Fiat, but Alistair was on their trail and pursued them in his scary scary vehicle. And now, for more of No Laggard in Love.

Chapter 15
Alistair and Fergus are in hot pursuit of Louise and Hamish. Both cars are zipping along round bends at untold speeds, and Alistair is gaining on the Fiat. Fortunately, Alistair is driving a big fat wide car. Hamish takes a hidden turn at 70 onto a dirt path with a steep incline. Alistair zooms on past and has to recount his steps. Hamish zips up and down the mountain side with Alistair inching ever closer. Louise is given a revolver and told to shoot Alistair’s ‘tyres’ when he gets closer. Louise cannot shoot anybody. Not when the car gets shot, not when her window is shattered. She just can’t do it until... Wow-Wow is brought into the fray. She hears Wow-Wow given a wail of agony and her eyes go red. Pow! Pow! pow! How dare they shoot her baby? She shoots out Alistair’s headlights and then windshield, causing Alistair to land in a bog (sucka’!). She shoots until all the bullets are gone and Hamish pries the gun out of her hands. Turns out she’s injured worse than Wow-Wow is. Now the only thing left to do is get to the nearest town and phone the police.

MVOTD: Kim Hyung Jun (Day 191 the Third)

Kim Hyung Jun, formerly of SS501, not to be confused with either Kim Hyun Joong or Kim Kyu Jong of the same group, released a nice little song last year. That song, oH! aH!, is a pleasant blend of song, dance, and comfortable cardigans. In it, Kim Hyung Jun wears a very non-threatening wardrobe filled with pastel suits, v-necked sweaters, and soft cardigans. He is every bit the attractive 'nerd' in a suit, which is a great look for him.
The dancing, it is also soft. I think the movements, being smooth and relaxed/slow, create a comfortable feeling. To add to the overall feeling of softness, the storyline of the music video is a dream with fuzziness. The dream story is interesting having cute, creepy, funny, and anxious parts.The asthetics are good and the flow is nice. oH! aH! is a success of a music video being interesting throughout and pleasant to listen to.

No Laggard in Love: Chapter 14 Review

Last time in No Laggard in Love, Louise was running through the bush, trying to get to safety. Her head, however, met up with a tree and/or club, rendering her unconcious.

Chapter 14

Louise wakes up from being unconcious. She is tied, roast pig style, in a boat house. Alistair and Fergus, Aunt Catrin's warden, are talking about getting rid of her. They agree that it is too dangerous to get rid of (kill) her right away, so they decide to come back at midnight to do the deed. They leave, Louise gets angry and achieves nothing, and then Wow-Wow shows up to the rescue, Hamish in tow. Hamish releases her from her bonds and they scurry back to the house only to find the car's 'tyres' (Britishisms...) have been slit and the phone lines cut. Knowing they can't bunker in the house, they change clothes and book it to the secret car (a Fiat 450) in the decrepid shack and make a break for it. Louise fills Hamish in on all the details that she had forgotten or had been witholding, including the bit where she noticed both Alistair and Mona had died hair. Hamish fills Louise in on what happened on the cruise liner. Apparently a C.I.A. agent went overboard, probably due to Alistair. But wait, there is a car in hot pursuit, and it is most likely Alistair the murderer...

MVOTD: Kim Kyu Jong (Day 191)

Kim Kyu Jong, formerly of SS501, released a nice little song before his apparent departure to the military. Yesterday, which seems to be about romantic relationships, is every bit the classic music video but for one thing. Sexy suspender dancing. That's right, Kyu Jong's choreographer took every swing dancer's favourite belt-like item and made it sexy. Or rather, he used it to imply 'stripping'. Considering that lots of groups do the thing where they slide their blazer off their shoulder (aka. stripping), suspenders are kind of brilliant. They achieve the same result while keeping the singer more cool.
My only other other comments are that the female lead's white dress was really cute, and once she becomes catatonic the music video kind of gets depressing. It was probably because it became more like him imposing his will on her after that. In general Yesterday is a nice little music video.

MVOTD: Hangeng (Day 191)

Having posted a lovely Super Junior music video yesterday, I thought it was a good time to post a Hangeng music video, what with them having one been band mates and all. Fortunately for me, a new music video came out six days ago, Kuang Cao.
Kuang Cao is amazing. It's immediately and obviously a Hangeng music video with shots of random things in odd lighting and a hand (his hand) letting go of some dirt. Then it gets really good. Everyone is dressed up in what I hope are ancient Chinese warrior outfits (I'm hoping because they remind me of gladiator, viking, and barbarian stuff). The warriors are very tough, and one even has a ferocious dog on a leash. Or maybe the dog is not so ferocious. Hangeng shows up on his mighty steed, with his platinum blond quasi-hawk. All the warriors leap to attack him and he sits there yelling on his horse. The warriors twirl their weapons and do epic leaps and...he twirls his flag and yells some more. When the warriors chase him into a mysterious dark mist, the mist attacks them and then unhorses Hangeng. There is much falling over and weapons leaping through the air at this point. All seems lost, but then the fairy of the mist sees Hangeng and...all the warriors become his allies. Obviously I am missing something, but I don't speak Mandarin so I hope that can be excused. Here is the music video.
While Hangeng's Kuang Cao has no dancing in it, it is an enjoyable piece. The warriors provide lots of movement and the colourless tone makes it dynamic. The costumes are confusing, since they appear to be from different eras and empires, but that's not terribly important because Hangeng's outfit is great. Hangeng looks fabulous in his armor and kind of looks like a fantasy character with all that fur flying around. Honestly, I would want his outfit as my cosplay for D&D if it were woman sized.
Kuang Cao is everything a Hangeng music video has come to mean to me. It's cheesy, it's kind of bad, and it's spectacular. In short. Kuang Cao stands at the top of the music video heap as an amazing work of art. Good job Hangeng and crew.  

No Laggard in Love: Chapter 13 Review

Last time in No Laggard in Love Louise secretly met Alistair in the woods. He took her to a creepy abandoned hut and yelled at her for forgetting the secret smuggled package. She left in a huff.

Chapter 13

Alistair follows Louise back to the road, but then his flashlight goes off. Louise begins to run, in fear of her life. She runs and runs, but it turns out that she was running in the wrong direction. She ended up at the boathouse, where a "coloured youth" from the West Indies beseeches her for help. His mom is sick and locked in a cellar, so he has snuck out of a window to look for help. She promises to get help and is on her way back to Hamish's house when a tree attacks her. And then a person with a club knocks her out. Who could it be?

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Since I had had so much success with these Absolute Best Brownies, despite the universal skepticism towards any recipe that claims to be the “Absolute Best” or “Best Ever”, I decided…why not try my luck searching for other “Best” recipes?  What would I have to lose?  On one hand, it could turn out disappointing, in which case I will only be one batch of something or other worse for wear, maybe a little disillusioned, but that would be a small price to pay if the recipe actually did in fact prove to be the “Best”, or even close to it.

With this in mind, I immediately started a search for the “best” chocolate chip cookies.  As with brownies, chocolate chip cookie are one of those ubiquitous sweets of which there are probably a million recipes out there.  So I courageously typed out “best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever” in my search engine, and used the very first recipe on the list.  This is that recipe.

I don’t know if it was Alice’s gorgeous photos, or her unwavering certainty that her recipe was indeed the very best, or the over 700 comments mostly raving about the recipe, that won me over (or maybe it was that ‘EVER’ was in all caps), but win me over it did.  It also made perfect, irrational, sense to me, that, since this was an experiment, I should go with the first recipe that popped up.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe EVER!   
(adapted from Savory Sweet Life)
  • 1 cup salted butter, softened
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 3/4 cups (12 oz) all purpose flour (weighing your flour is recommended)
  • 3/4 teaspoon smallish-medium coarse sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 1/4 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts 
- Cream the butter and sugars until fluffy (about 3 minutes on medium-high speed).  Check Alice’s photo on how fluffy should look.
- Add eggs and vanilla and beat for an additional 2 minutes.
- Add baking soda, baking powder, salt, and flour until everything is fully incorporated.
- Finally add the chocolate chips until well distributed.  The cookie batter should be somewhat thick.  Place the batter in a food-grade container or ziplock bag and store in the fridge for 24 hours (up to 36).
- When you are ready to bake the cookies, drop about 2 tablespoons of dough (or use a medium cookie scoop) onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for 12-14 minutes in a pre-heated 360F oven until the edges are nice and golden brown.  Do not over-bake!
- Remove from heat and allow the cookies to stay on the cookie sheet for an additional 2 minutes. Transfer cookie to a wire rack. Allow the cookies to cool on the paper for at least 3 minutes before serving.

Full disclosure.  I must confess that I did more than just jump, bright-eyed and innocent, on the first recipe that came my way.  I looked a bit further and picked out tips from a few other “best ever” posts.  The one technique that I decided to incorporate into Alice’s already ever-so-promising recipe was to let the dough rest as prescribed by The New York Times in their own search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.  I tried these after both a 12 and 24 hour rest in the fridge, and the 24 hour rest batch was definitely superior.  I didn’t have the time to test a 36 hour rest, but I will certainly try it as the NYT proclaims it to produce, by far, the best cookies.  This recipe makes about 4 dozens – I only baked 2 dozen, so the remaining dough I rolled into two logs, plastic-wrapped and ziplocked them, and tucked them into the freezer for an extended respite (to be brought to life at a later cookie-craving date).  Cookie dough in the freezer – I cannot recommend a surer safeguard against life’s rainy days.

So was this the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe EVER?  I would definitely, unhesitatingly, say that it is one of the best I have ever tried.  I wouldn't want to, however, shut any future chocolate chip cookie awesomeness out of my life so I'll say they are the best...for now :)

I am so pleased with the results of my “Best Ever” search that I plan to explore this forthrightly optimistic path some more.  Sometimes, all you need to add a bit of deliciousness to your life is a suspension of cynicism.  You may just be pleasantly surprised at the results, whether it be with cookies or brownies or anything else.  Next on my agenda, on which I plan to try this tactic, is chocolate cake…wish me luck!


On this song The Beatles sang hello and goodbye.We can sing it today because we say hello to something that is new and we say goodbye to other things... Students in Primary 6 say Hello Secondary, Goodbye Primary. Students in Secondary 4 say Goodbye Secondary, Hello High School, 5-years-old says goodbye Pre-primary and Hello Primary and ...


Ayako Kurokawa


I love it when I come across work that perfectly embodies the merging of dessert and art. Something that is not only visually exciting, but also completely edible. Today, that something, or someone, is Ayako Kurokawa. Based in NYC, Ayako is a patissier, pastry sculptor, and food stylist who infuses her work with such humor, creativity, and beauty, that I could not take my eyes off of it! It makes complete sense to me that she used to work as a patissier at The Modern, which is a restaurant located at the Museum of Modern Art. (She also used to work at the Plaza Hotel). Her work is, in itself, a small piece of art, and now that I’ve discovered her desserts, I’ve sort of become obsessed with them, in case you hadn’t noticed! If you’re like me, and looking at these pics has made you go all googly-eyed, you can check out even more of Ayako’s work on her web site, right here. You can also buy some of her treats, right here.

Baby shower cakes

Butter sandwich cookies with rum raisins

Cheese souffle

Mont blanc

Manhattan graham cookies

Strawberry Cookie

Ginger bread house

Hands sable

MVOTD: Super Junior (Day 190)

In honour of Ryeowook's birthday, and manliness in Mr. Simple, today's music video is Super Junior's Mr. Simple in Japanese. That's right, they made two versions of it at the same time, but released them months apart. Smart move that. Makes it fresh again.

As far as critic goes, Mr. Simple in Japanese is basically like Mr. Simple in Korean, but shorter because it's from Avex Network. There are some dance parts that have improved. Donghae's outfits continue to be just as heinous as before and Sungmin's outfits just as wonderful. Ryeowook gets all manly. Eunhyuk says, "Dance!". Yup, it's about the same as the original.
For those who are not hardcore Super Junior fans, here is a Korean version video that indicates who is who. Somebody lovingly put together an introduction of Super Junior for new fans. It's cute, and includes pictures from the really bad photoshoot.

Some Nannering on Super Junior (Day 190)

That's right. This is where I talk about Super Junior and you get to read it. Today, June 21, is Ryeowook of Super Junior's birthday. My wall calendar told me so. As it turns out, it is also my brother's birthday, so it is easy to remember. Happy birthday to both of them.
If you know Ryeowook, you know that he is the smallest and most petite member of Super Junior. He does the cute stuff. However, for Super Junior's fifth album, he suddently got manly. Here is a picture of him being manly.
Image from Image Shack
If you are a Super Junior fan, please imagine all the members being just as manly as Ryeowook. Or rather, imagine them all doing the lip touchy thing he did in Mr. Simple. If you are not a Super Junior fan, feel free to express your surprise at how manly Ryeowook is.
Have a good day.

MVOTD: F(x) (Day 189)

First off, I should admit something. Recently, the first time I watch an F(x) music video (at least Hot Summer and Electric Shock) the only thing I notice is the costumes. As in, I see that the stylists were trying to make everyone cute but they really only succeeded in giving everybody excessively unflattering outfits. Sigh.

Cue F(x)'s Electric Shock. I'm pretty sure that the song is okay (except when they say "lazer") and the dancing is okay, but the outfits are too distracting. Who decided that a super loose shirt with its front tucked into super tight pants was a good idea? And the booty shorts are even worse. From what I've seen, waist-high booty shorts kind of look like diapers when worn by k-pop girl groups (Watch Chi-Chi's Don't Play Around to really see what I mean). Thus, waist-high booty shorts are a bad idea at all times. Giant pockets on the belly on a shirt and unnattractive unisex clothes round out the bad costume selections. But wait, there's one more thing. F(x)'s stylists don't seem to know how to clothe someone who is not stick skinny. The blond one, who has ever so slightly more girth than the rest, keeps on getting outfits that chop her body up into ungainly sections. They manage to make her legs look short, her hips look flat, and her breasts look non-existant. Now is that a way to treat a lady? No. No it's not. F(x)'s stylists are dropping the ball.
  As a song, Electric Shock wins because the fans like it. As a costume parade doesn't win so much. The colours are fun, but there are just so many bad style choices. Chalk one up to singers valiant attempts losing to stylists' choices.

No Laggard in Love: Chapter 12 Review

It's dark outside, Wow-Wow is barking madly, and Louise decided to call Alistair in order to return the ring her cousin sent with her.
Chapter 12

Louise has called up 'Aunt Catrin' on the telephone and has been transfered to Alistair. He thinks that she is Lynnette and says things that are supposed to be romantic but aren't. She tells him she isn't Lynnette, she's Linnet and she needs to meet him in order to give him something. He is suspicious of her, but agrees to meet right away, on the dirt track between Hamish's house and Aunt Catrin's mansion. Louise, in a fit of 'smartness', sneaks out of the house (past Wow-Wow) and goes to meet him. It turns out, he makes her walk most of the way and then forces her into a small cabin where he interrogates her. She, bless her heart, had forgotten about the smuggled package and so couldn't tell him that she had it in the car. Then they yell at each other and she storms off back toward the road.

MY SUMMER Plans by Marta Aznar, 6A


This holidays I'm going to visit París. París is the capital city of  France.I think París is a very fascinating and popular city with lots  of interesting buildings and attractions. I´m going to a five stars Hotel. I´m going to spend four days sightseeing in the city.I´m going to visit the Eiffel Tower and The Triumph Arch. I´m going to discover the beauty of the Basilique du Sacré- Coeur de Montmartre.

The Basilique of Scré Coeur
The Eiffel Tower.
We´re going to visit DisneyLand Paris. It offers a variety of themed universes, from a voyage to the far wet or the orient to Sleepy Beauty´s castle or outer space. There enormous roller coasters, big wheels...

I really want to go to Paris.

IES Rafael Dieste. By Paula C. 6A

IES Rafael Dieste on PhotoPeach

Hi, classmates!!
I´m going to go to Rafael Dieste Secondary School next year.
This Seconday School is near Los Rosales. You can go walking or by bus.
We visited it three months ago and I think it´s really great. It´s beautiful.
 You have to study English, Spanish and Galician. And you can choose French or German.
 In this school  there are exchanges with other countries and interesting trips.
I want to go to Secondary School but I´ll miss some of my friends.
I´m happy to go to that Secondary  School because I think I will learn a lot of things.
Just five classmates are going to go there but I´m sure we´ll meet lots of new friends!!!
See you soon!!!

A Winner...and Another Breakfast

I hope you all had a wonderful Fathers Day weekend...especially the men of the hour, those stalwart fellows we call papa whose broad shoulders and strong arms keep the monsters at bay and whose wild tales water our imaginations.  It was a full weekend for us.  Not of the jetting off to some fantastic locale full, but that of the Saturday night sleepover with the little one type full.  Delicious in its own way, particularly if you, like me, have a weakness for little feeties first thing in the morning.

So, as much as I wanted to post the winner for my Frugally Delicious giveaway over the weekend, that just had to wait.  And now with the load of Monday's work spilling out and sneaking into every nook and cranny I have only just enough time to announce the winner, as I don't want to keep you waiting any longer.  Without further delay, the winner of one copy of the Frugally Delicious cookbook is...Eileen of Ham Pie Sandwiches!

If you want to know more about the cookbook, or perhaps even purchase your own copy, you can check here.  I am so thrilled to be a part of it, to have my recipe in an actual book, and to be among a great group of contributors.

This will be a short post, due to aforementioned busy-ness, but I promise you that I will have a recipe for you very soon...and it is an absolute keeper (get children of all ages to do your bidding type keeper)!  Meanwhile, I hope I can tide you over with another breakfast.  This one is for the rainy season that is upon us over here: warm oatmeal (old fashioned if you please) + chunks of apple + pitted cherries + walnuts + wheatgerm + brown sugar.  What better to start a Monday with?

The photo above is care of Instagram and if you'd like to see what other random bits and breakfasts I share, feel free to follow me at @chichajo :)

Congratulations Eileen!  I hope you enjoy the cookbook!


What do you know about The Olympic Games? We have learned a lot of thing about the Olympics... Good luck! Have a good score!

MVOTD: G.NA (Day 188)

G.NA. Black and White. While the song is upbeat and catchy the music video expresses...other feelings. Mainly, that she is trying to control her boyfriend and he isn't doing what she wants. So...the song is about making your boyfriend only pay attention to you? Who knows. 
The couple parts were well done, with her trying to be cute and him being cute. The dancing was very normal for female singers. The costumes passed the test, none of them being heinous. Therefore, Black and White gets an average mark as a music video. Good for it. 


This is episode 2 of Wenlock and Mandeville's adventures. Watch it!

Do you want to sing this song? Try to do it!

MVOTD: BYU Vocal Point (Day 187)

Today I asked my brother for the name of a song he liked. He hummed and he hawed, but he finally told me "Jump Jive". I looked it up on Youtube and found a great cheesy thing by BYU's Vocal Point, one of those accappella singing groups that GLEE has made popular. According to Vocal Point, the song is called Jump, Jive an' Wail.
The music video starts off with a guy in a yellow tie in a library. He keeps getting shushed, but he pays that no mind. For him it's time to hit on the business student across the table. Since she' not paying him any mind he's going to...musically flash mob her into liking him. Therefore he and his goons circle her table (afterwhich there is a hilarious poster), and force her to dance with them. Spontaneous dancing ensues. The business student suddently likes the yellow tie man. People are happy. Children are hanging around. The song ends and...the librarian gives Mr. Yellow Tie a "fine". Ha!
On the level-of-cheese-o-meter, this music video ranks a 5 out ot 5. Preppy guys in khaki's singing accappella in the library with the added bonus of romance = amazing. The camera work was also okay, especially since it was obviously done by university students. The song, which is a swing song, is not so fun to dance to in accappella, but singing it definitely takes talent. All together Jump, Jive an' Wail is a fun music video. Fun fun fun. 

No Laggard in Love: Chapter 11 Review

Last time in No Laggard in Love Louise and Hamish went to visit Aunt Catrin at her dying mansion. People inferred things. Other people ran down the road.

Chapter 11
Louise and Hamish arrive home to quarrel. Hamish receives…or was it gives, a mysterious phone call. He then rushes out of the house on a secret rendezvous, taking care to warn Louise to lock the doors. Wow-Wow agrees. There is something funky outside. After Hamish leaves, Louise walks around the house, sees Alistair far off on the nearby lake, gets jealous of Mona whose portrait is missing, and phones Aunt Catrin’s house. She gets Kirsty on the line. Kirsty had just been doing her tarot card reading thing. She warns Louise that there is death in the woods. Oh no! Wow-Wow had been right. There was something wrong in the woods.

" A farewell post" by Óscar A, 6A

Hi kids!
I´m Oscar and I´ve got bad news. On the 22nd of June this school year finishes. This is my last entry for this course and also the farewell from this school. I will miss my friends . Next year I´m going to a secondary school and I´m a bit nervous. Good luck to everyone!.

MVOTD: FLO (Day 186)

Several days ago I posted I'm the Cool One Now which was essentially a nerd's revenge music video. Today, on a similar thread, is FLO's Hateless. Somebody Facebooked it to me asking me to share it if I was against bullying, and honestly, that's not why it's today's music video. I posted it because the song is good. It's not perfect, but it has a good message and a pleasing sound. FLO genuinely loves singing. My favourite lyrics are, "You gotta be weightless", because being weightless means not holding other people's faults/errors against them (aka. forgive), and that's what God calls us to do. It's hard, yes, but it's worth it. Anger at others doesn't just hurt them. It hurts us too.
In the music video I like the way you can tell 1) that FLO is a new artist, possible with a company that has a small budget, and 2) the music video was made in Winnipeg, Canada. Why else would they use concert footage and kids in Hockey Night In Canada/Winnipeg Jets t-shirts? I also like her hair. The way it defies gravity is somewhat amazing... kind of like her fur collar. FLO may be a singer to watch for rising popularity. 


205 nations will take part in London Olmpic Games.
Practise this game about flags.

Practise now your knowledge about countries in Europe:

Can you place these recent host countries on this map?


How many sports do you recognize? Try to get the best score!


Learn about the sports in these Olympic Games. What do you need to practise them?