MVOTD: BYU Vocal Point (Day 187)

Today I asked my brother for the name of a song he liked. He hummed and he hawed, but he finally told me "Jump Jive". I looked it up on Youtube and found a great cheesy thing by BYU's Vocal Point, one of those accappella singing groups that GLEE has made popular. According to Vocal Point, the song is called Jump, Jive an' Wail.
The music video starts off with a guy in a yellow tie in a library. He keeps getting shushed, but he pays that no mind. For him it's time to hit on the business student across the table. Since she' not paying him any mind he's going to...musically flash mob her into liking him. Therefore he and his goons circle her table (afterwhich there is a hilarious poster), and force her to dance with them. Spontaneous dancing ensues. The business student suddently likes the yellow tie man. People are happy. Children are hanging around. The song ends and...the librarian gives Mr. Yellow Tie a "fine". Ha!
On the level-of-cheese-o-meter, this music video ranks a 5 out ot 5. Preppy guys in khaki's singing accappella in the library with the added bonus of romance = amazing. The camera work was also okay, especially since it was obviously done by university students. The song, which is a swing song, is not so fun to dance to in accappella, but singing it definitely takes talent. All together Jump, Jive an' Wail is a fun music video. Fun fun fun.