MVOTD: Month End Review (Day 150)

It's February 29th, the end of the month, and that means deciding which featured music video was the best most fun and ridiculous. Music videos featured in February were:

EXO-KWhat Is Love
EXO-MWhat Is Love
Nerd AlertBanelings
MBLAQThis is War
Midnight RedStep by Step
Super Junior (Parody)Mr. Simple
Super Junior-M (Parody)Perfection
Super Junior (Parody)A-Cha
DBSK/TVXQ (parody)Keep Your Head Down
David BisbalSin Mirar Astras
DBSK/TVXQShare the World
DBSK/TVXQSomebody to Love

What a great variety. There was vocal powerhousing from EXO, wonderful outfits from MBLAQ, nerdy pun references from Nerd Alert, and cleverness in the parodies although the music videos that stuck out were Midnight Red's Step by Step, and TVXQ's Share the World. These required no subtitles in order to be funny and/or entertaining. However, the parodies were also great. Honourable mentions were Super Junior's Mr. Sinful, Super Junior-M's Perfection, and "TVXQ"'s Keep Your Head Down.

Unfortunately, Share the World was funny without being a catchy tune, so I can't let it win. Similarly, Step by Step was catchy without being terribly funny. Therefore New Kid's on the Block's Step by Step wins. It combines the colour theme and song epicness of both music videos in one 80's masterpiece. Please enjoy.

MVOTD: TVXQ (Day 149)

TVXQ. Most popular boyband of all time.
Their song, Somebody to Love, sticks out if for no other reason that the ill-fitting red suits. It features dancing, a whole lot of face time with Max, a woman who is only allowed to show her legs, Billie Piper style dance moves, and boxes (Kat-tun reference?). That of course does not include the ill-fitting red suits (Kat-tun reference?). Were loose suits cool in Japan in 2005? Both Kat-tun and TVXQ wore them.
Anyway, it's a TVXQ song. Enjoy.

MVOTD: TVXQ (Day 148)

Question: What is one thing one wouldn't expect a boyband to sing?

Answer: Anime theme songs.

Why not? Mostly because boybands are known for upbeat love songs, not stuff with guitars and lyrics that relate to a storyline. Well, TVXQ bucked the trend. They sang two songs for the anime, One Piece.

The music video for one of One Piece's theme songs, Share the World, is ridiculous. TVXQ shows off in various computer generated environments. They walk forward and disappear for about a minute. Then they are in a misty shell shaped spacehip room which is followed by them "swimming" through water which later turns into the sky. All together, it's very reminiscent of Japanese boyband KAT-TUN and that fact made me laugh inside. In fact, it's funny all on its own. The waterman who turns into Jaejoong, the "swimming" in the water, the "swimming" in the sky, the slow motion picture's all very entertaining. The only bad thing is the tight pants. The rest is great. Please enjoy.

MVOTD: David Bisbal (Day 147)

David Bisbal. A person one can be proud to see in concert. It turns out that he is also a Sims character. How do we know this? His music video, Sin Mirar Astras, from the album Sin Mirar Astras. According to the music video, David Bisbal can be a Sim when he wants, and a real person when he wants. How handy. He also gets to flirt with the moving woman in both realms, reality and Sims.As a Sim, he even lives within visual distance of the Eiffel Tower. Oh David Bisbal.

Skip-Beat! Episode 9 Review (Day 149)

Episode 9
Gong Xi’s wretched first day of being Dun He Lian’s manager is over. She only broke equipment, leaked a classified schedule, and embarrassed him so ...he takes her out for steak. Afterwards they take a stroll and discuss her hate on for Bu Po Shang. Little does Gong Xi know, but Lian is actually a (blonde) fairy who used to spy on her as she talked about getting married to Bu Po. He still disapproves of her in showbiz, but that doesn’t matter because he is clearly in process of falling madly in love with her.
Gong Xi is given a chance to go to college. Lian remembers her childhood some more. Then Lian catches a cold, the first cold he has ever had. Gong Xi calls it like it is, but he has to do lots of acting…in rain, before he can do anything about it. Thus, a classic scene is necessitated, the attractive man falling on the female lead scene, caused, of course, by him collapsing due to his fever. Why are people so incapacitated by fevers in mangas and dramas? Are fevers a bigger deal in Asia?
Anyway, while Dun He Lian is having flashbacks of Gong Xi, Gong Xi is fantasizing about revenging herself on Bu Po Shang. In a particularly good one, she chases him down with a motorcycle and leers at him. Ooooo.
Since Lian is sick, Gong Xi buys him lots of stuff to get well with…and then she makes him breakfast. He doesn’t feel alarmed that she was free in his house all night. Probably because he isn’t Bu Po Shang. Then she impresses him with her sweet new acting skills and profession that maybe revenge isn’t the only reason she wants to be a star.
It is at this point that Gong Xi’s commercial comes out. Everyone is amazed and starts trying to hire Jiang Nan Qin and Gong Xi. Everyone including Bu Po Shang’s company. Dun dun dun… However, Gong Xi is determined to use Bu Po in order to make herself popular and she is going to plow into that situation, unknowing of the obstacles ahead of her. Those being, namely, Bu Po recognizing her and her prior classmate also being in the MV.

Mmmm Kpop (Day 147)

I originally wrote this two days ago, so I'll leave it as it was - a sketch of things I wanted to mention.
                                                                                         Kpop is a big deal.
Yep. I said it. Not only is it a vital part of the Hallyu Wave, but it also takes itself seriously.
Super seriously.

Reasons I say this?
1: Every Kpop group has a fan club with a special name. Examples?
   Super Junior - E.L.F.s (Everlasting Friends)
   TVXQ - Cassies
   Girls Generation - Sones
   Infinite - InSpirits

2: Every Kpop group has its own colour. Originally this was so fans could show their support by bringing their group's colour of balloon, but now fans bring coloured led light sticks. Examples?
   Super Junior - Some version of saphire blue
   TVXQ - Red
   The other groups - various versions of pearlescent light blue, pearlescent deep blue, pearlescent rose pink, pearlescent orange, and pearlescent black. Okay, I'm making fun right now, but that's similar to what the colours really are, and, on a light stick who can really tell the difference between pearlescent saphire blue and pearlescent light blue?

3: Kpop celebrities are commonly turned into actors for romantic comedies. It's not just one or two, it's one or two from each popular group. Examples (from romantic comedies only) include members of FT Island, CN Blue, Super Junior, TVXQ, After School, SS501, and Rain.

The list goes on, but it doesn't matter. What I really wanted to talk about was the whole coloured light stick thing and the fan club names. While on the one hand it's ridiculousness (5 shades of pearlescent blue. Hmm?) makes me laugh, on the other hand these things are a big deal. Clearly South Koreans take pop much more seriously than we do, and they try to engender loyalty in their fans much more than North American boybands of the past. Fan clubs and colours are actually pretty clever marketing since fans can identify with each other easily and feel a sense of unity or purpose when supporting their group. Serious stuff right?

Skip-Beat! Episode 8 Review (Day 148)

Episode 8
Jiang Nan Qin and Gong Xi are participating in auditions for a beverage commercial. They were teamed together for acting, but due to Fei Li Hwa’s cheatery, were forced to act without practice or prior discussion. Thus, Jiang Nan Qin is placed in charge of the first scene: two friends fighting over a guy. Jiang wows the judges with an amazing display of tears.  For the second scene Gong Xi is in charge, but Fei Li Hwa the cheater steals her idea before she can use it. Caught in a tough spot, like a tiger, Gong Xi springs into action and massacres the enemy Fei Li Hwa with her amazing improv skills.  
Due to Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin’s amazing success, the whole of LME has to be informed that the Love Me Section is going to do a commercial. First, a trip to the president’s office, where he, dressed up safari gear, is hunting people in animal costumes. Next, cute Mr. Du goes to inform Dun He Lian of Gong Xi’s success. Lian is clearly thrilled (he smiled for 0.3 seconds after all), but Mr. Du somehow fails to notice. They head off to a shoot where Mary (who is like 8) defends her man Lian (she wishes) from other women. She is followed shortly by her grandfather the president. He comes in riding the human camel and is accompanied by a marching band. He also wears a hat with a very large feather, reminiscent of Pirates of the Carribean.
At the commercial recording site, Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin prance over grass fields whilst dressed like school girls. It is all very happy. Insert important bit about Gong Xi yearning to be a student, and then get Mr. Du sick.
Since Mr. Du is so super sick, LME gets Gong Xi to fill in for him. She has no idea what she’s doing and messes things up horribly, yet Dun He Lian can only seem to help her out. Why did he have to be a fairy (like literally as far as I can tell. He had wings and blonde hair after all) as a teenager? If he hadn’t, he could be mean to Gong Xi like he is with everyone else.

"My Granny" by Lucía 6B

My granny likes technology. She hasn´t got a camera or headphones but she has got a laptop. She makes videos with her new videocamera. She use the mobile phone to call me. She has got a enormous TV and a DVD player. She loves to watch films!


Sometimes we behave badly to someone and when we notice it, we want to say "I'm sorry" but sometimes... "It's too late to apologize"...
How many sentences can you find in present continuous?
Can you find verbs on the past?
What's the meaning of apologize?
Write a comment and try to anwer these questions. Write your name on the comment!

Lyrics | One Republic lyrics - Apologize lyrics


Click on this picture,watch the video and practise:

Now do this exercise.



3-years- old children are learning about some animals. We are reading the story and the song of the three little pigs.
Look at these videos:


"My favourite computer game " By Adrián ,6A

                                  My dad and my mum  gave me this game at Christmas.
                               It´s about the adventures of a  boy called Nathan Drake.
                                         The sounds and the graphics are excellent.
                                             My favourite part is the episode 8.
                                            It´s my favourite game at the moment.

"My granny and technology"by Belén 6 B

 My granny likes technology.She's got a mobile phone.She's got a black televison and a DVD player.She's got a grey digital camera.She loves taking photos.She's got a laptop and a memory stick.She hasn't got a MP3 player or a Blackberry.

Breakfast #56: Potato Omelet with Sriracha

I have long coveted my mom’s tortilla de patata “cheat’s” pan.  It basically looks like two frying pans stuck together, mouth to mouth, with a hook to attach them to each other.  Although most likely frowned upon by tortilla de patata purists, it effectively eliminates the perilous technique of making a real tortilla.  Now, I am certain could, if pushed, manage to flip my tortilla to a plate, the insides still jiggly and uncooked, hot pan dangerously near my fingertips, then successfully slide this wobbly egg and potato structure back right smack in the middle of my pan to finish cooking.  I am sure I could.  And I’m sure I will…one day.  But this was not that day.

I was tired and achy and craving tortilla de patata.  Not only did I not have the awesome skills of traditional tortilla flipping, I didn’t have my mom’s cheat’s pan either.  So I had to make do with this.

This is, essentially, a cheat within a cheat.  My sneaky way of satiating my egg and potatoes craving (why oh why can’t I crave things like pink chiffon, working out, and trips to the dermatologist?), without having to go all the way towards making a full on tortilla de patata.  It may not be the best, or noblest, thing to do, but when you’re feeling under the weather, and you are in desperate need of earthy potatoes in an eggy blanket, this does very nicely.

And the sriracha?  When you are finding yourself a bit slow on the ignition, but still have a mountain of work to plow through, I find that nothing gets my motor running quite like a spicy breakfast.

Potato Omelet with Sriracha
  • A couple of glugs of olive oil
  • 1/2 cup cubed potatoes, cut in 1-cm cubes or smaller (the bigger the cubes the longer they will cook)
  • 1/2 a white onion, sliced
  • 2 eggs
  • Sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper
  • Sriracha
- Heat a small non-stick skillet.  Add the oil – you want a nice, generous coating.  This isn’t to avoid sticking (as I use a non-stick skillet) but because your potatoes and onions are going to slow-cook in this.
- When the oil is hot, add the onions and sauté until softened.  Once onions are soft, add the potatoes and cook until the potatoes are soft and the edges are golden, and the onions have taken on a burnished hue.  This may take some time.  Be patient and toss the potatoes occasionally so they don’t scorch.
- While the potatoes are cooking, break the eggs into a bowl.  Beat with a fork until a uniform layer of bubbles appears on the surface. Like this
-  When the potatoes and onions are done transfer them to another bowl and place the skillet back on the heat.  Add a swirl of oil if the pan is dry.
- Add the eggs to the pan.  As the bottom sets, push the sides of the egg a bit so the uncooked egg runs underneath.  When there is just a thin layer of wet egg left on top add the potatoes and the onion to one side of the egg.  Flip the other side over the potatoes.  Cook a few seconds more then transfer to a plate.  Drizzle with sriracha and enjoy immediately.

I have an 8-inch non-stick skillet that I use especially for eggs and this is what I use here, so these quantities are suited for that size.  I find that a 2-egg omelet cooked here makes the perfect hearty breakfast for one.  You want your potatoes completely soft inside and slightly crisp along some edges, and your eggs just done.  The sriracha is a fantastic condiment for mild yet stalwart flavors like egg and potato.  Plus, as I mentioned, a spicy breakfast can be just what the doctor ordered.

I see nothing wrong with taking shortcuts and opting for the quick route sometimes, as long as you don’t sacrifice overall healthfulness.  What are your favorite “cheat’s”?

Tjalf Sparnaay

When I first laid eyes on these colorful oil paintings by Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay, I was instantly struck by their unusual beauty. Working in the hyperrealistic style, Sparnaay takes mundane objects and recreates them in a manner that is on one hand realistic, but on the other hand, not. It is reality with a little extra something special. He is not simply reproducing the food that we eat, but recreating it, adding humor and emotion to everyday objects. I’m partial to the dessert pieces, of course, but there is much more to see on his website. Click here to check it out!

In Carnival !!!by Janiel, 6B

 Hi friend,
 My name is Janiel and I'm going to tell you about my Carnival. During Carnival I dressed up as a homeless person and as a devil.
I went to España Square to look at the people wearing different costumes.They were all dressed up in creative costumes.
I ate filloas too.                  


Here we've got some exercises to practise the vocabulary on body parts:


MVOTD: "Keep Your Head Down" (Day 146)

Continuing on the parody festival, today's music video is "TVXQ's" Keep Your Head Down. While it's not surprising that SM didn't rename them after they lost three members (that leaves two), it still feels like a falsehood.

This TVXQ parody is also by the parodiere artist, and is therefore clever instead of about boylove (a common parody theme). In addition to a clever theme, TVXQ aka. Yunho (U-Know) and Changmin (Max), wear some delightfully bad outfits. First up is Yunho in his suit tails with a sleeve missing. Who stole it? Who knows. U-know's. Bad pun. Second up is Max in the lowest cut suit jacket I've seen yet, with the biggest roundest shoulders I've seen on men. It's strangely attractive and laugh inducing at the same time. What could beat this? Their matching suits that look like they're made out of couch material, that's what. I also have such a jacket. Maybe it will be cool now.

As for redeeming features, this parody doesn't need them because it is so great. However it does have some. First, the song is actually pretty catchy. Second, the dancing is really slick. TVXQ could always dance and they prove it again here. Even though the viewers are distracted by the couch suits, Max and Yunho dance away dazzingly. The third and last thing, the parody makes lots of sense. TVXQ was/is the most popular boyband ever, the new Kpop groups coming out do have increasingly hard to pronounce names (B1A4 anyone?), and there are huge amounts of Kpop groups debuting. All itogether, this is one good parody. May all the Cassies like it. 

Skip-Beat! Episode 7 Review (Day 146)

Some opening comments. Skip-Beat! is one of those shows that you didn't know you wanted to watch...unless you read the manga or have a crush on Super Junior. Either way, it is filled with surprises and ridiculousness and is therefore worth a view or two. One of the surprises? Mr. Du is one of the cutest characters. Here's a picture with Mr. Du in it.
So not the best picture, but you get the idea. I like his big head and small neck, escpecially with the way that he smiles. He is the most adorable 35ish year old man.

Now back to the episode recap.

Episode 7
Gong Xi’s foibles have caused Bu Po Shang to have a mini concert on the program set, and, instead of seething with anger, she watches from the sidelines dazzled by Bu Po’s skills. She then wanders off in her deranged chicken outfit. Meanwhile Bu Po Shang figures out that the chicken was her and does his amazing arm swings of self-congratulations. Deranged chicken Gong Xi then runs into Dun He Lian and…he confides in her deranged chicken self. Apparently Dun He Lian 1) is a foreigner, and 2) has been fired MANY times before, despite always being popular. Gong Xi is shocked and amazed…especially after he calls her his friend. Mr. Du is of course more surprised that Lian would have ANY friends.
Next, Gong Xi has a nightmare where Shang, Jiang Nan Qin, and Lian all wield a giant meat clever while threatening the Gong Xi chicken. The most entertaining part was Siwon (Lian) trying to leer menacing while flipping Gong Xi the bird…and then repeating that scene again not a minute later. Siwon cannot leer or flip the bird convincingly (and we love him for it). He just looks funny.
Fortunately, there is plot movement to help us forget Siwon’s bird flippage. Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin both sign up to audition for a commercial. There, at the auditions, Jiang’s long time rival Fei Li Hwa prances onto the scene and bribes the judges right there in front of the other competitors. The other competitors explode into action, making reckless attempts at getting the judges attention and the auditions resume. Jiang and Gong Xi plot to take over the world…by wearing shiny pink coveralls to the auditions and Fei Li Hwa admits that she’s spent her life trying to make Jiang cry (Why are the villains so desperate?).
Fei Li Hwa’s three colour co-ordinated stooges then try to bribe the commercial’s director with, dun dun dun….pineapple pastries…and money. They fail and Fei is left to her own devices. Her only confidence is that Jiang has never acted before. False! She doesn’t know it but Jiang is a great and talented actor.  To prove it, Jiang and Gong Xi are going to perform a friendship skit without practicing or discussing it. Dun dun dun… Will that even work?


Now let's dance!

MVOTD: Parody Festival C (Day 145)

There is a parody artist who is an artist. They added lovely subs to Super Junior's A-Cha. While only the first couple of lines are actually funny, the fake subs are well done with words almost matching what is being sung. This particular parody I think reflects how ELFs (Super Junior's official fans) feel about the potential demise of Super Junior as members continue to drop out of the group. It's not allowed to happen because the fans don't want it to happen. Other than those considerations, the actual music video has good costuming, an interesting dance, and catchy tune. I especially like the use of their deep voices at the beginning. Yeah!

Pretentious Word of the Week: Nuttall Oak (Day 145)

Today we return to learning pretentious words. Thus, we go to the source, the pretentious word book. That book is Webster's Third New Interntational Dictionary and Seven Language Dictionary, Unabridged: Volume 2, H-R (althouth honestly I think Oxford is better). Just looking at the dictionary's name, you can feel that the words that come from it will be hoity toity and pretentious. It's such a long dictionary name after all. The word for today is "nuttall oak". It should be a highly useful word when talking about furniture.

Nuttall Oak: "A large tree of Missouri, Mississippi, and Texas having dark brownish gray bark and a nut with a thin-walled cup that has cinereous-puberulent scales."

Phrases you  may want to use include, "Is that nuttall oak?", or "I think nuttall oak trees are the most attractive type of oak trees." This of course should lead to confusion and you having to explain your hoity toityness. People will think you know lots about wood and you get to come off as pretentious. How exciting, right?

MVOTD: Parody Festival Continued (Day 144)

Parody's plus Super Junior = fun fun fun. That said, today's music video, a lovely parody of Super Junior-M's Perfection, was one that I agreed with almost instantly. The parodiere is definitely an artist, able to make accurate jokes about numerous Kpop groups while not insulting the fans. So good!

The music video's subs are well done. Perfection's third line which states, "When I first saw these outfits, I thought they were lame", is just too accurate. Seriously. Who wears one cuff of fur on a suit jacket? And the huge fur hats? What was with that? They made it hard to recognize people. And they there a word to describe it? Bad. Anyway, the parody is quite accurate, even the part about the terrible rap. As Super Junior fans know, Henry lived in/is from Canada and has a perfect North American accent but his rap is bad. Therefore, please enjoy.
Is there an ELF who would not enjoy this wonderfulness?

Carnival!!! By Paula C. 6A

Hi kids!!!
Carnival is coming and I love it. All around the world people celebrate Carnival with large, popular events that last several days.
My village is Verín.  Here Carnival last a week (7days).The typical costumes are "Cigarróns" .
In my school students from 6th grade will be dress up as  tennis player. I´ll  bring a white skirt and a white shirt.
I hope you like my video!!!


Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s been just over a year since I started writing a column for Yummy magazine and I must say I have been having a ball.  This blog has always been one of my favorite hobbies, and remains to be, but writing for a magazine is something altogether different.  It’s another medium for me to reach out to fellow food lovers, as well as, hopefully, a few tentative souls who need a little encouragement to get into the kitchen and experience the total joy and liberation of creating one’s own nourishment.  It’s also something physically tangible that I can show off to my mum ;)  (Yes, I think I’ll always be that little girl happy to take her stars home to mama)

The Yummy team, those I have met thus far, are all darlings and I so enjoy working with them.  And for someone who has to rely on the same four plates and three placemats, having someone come over lugging a little shopping cart full of dishes and an oversized canvas bag (monogrammed to boot!) stuffed with fabrics and backgrounds, is quite the thrill really.  I think my food loves it just as much as I do!

If you haven’t picked the magazine up yet I encourage you to give these guys a go.  Simple recipes that don’t scrimp on flavor, interesting and relevant features, and a nice clean look.  Oh yes, and there is my wee column, “Family Kitchen”, where I share recipes from my own family table.

Here’s a recipe that came out in my column last March.  Just in case you didn't catch it then :)

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter 
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 cup Nutella
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup walnuts, chopped

- Cream the butter and both sugars together until light and creamy.  Add the egg and vanilla and beat until smooth.  Add the Nutella and beat until combined.
- Add the flour, baking powder, and salt and stir until just combined.  Do not over stir.
- Fold in chips and the nuts gently just until well distributed.
- Drop the dough by rounded spoonfuls on a parchment lined baking sheet about 1.5-2 inches apart.
- Bake in a 375F pre-heated oven for 10-12 minutes.  Remove from the oven and let the cookies rest for a couple of minutes on the baking pan before placing on a wire rack to cool completely.

These cookies spread a lot during baking.  You can chill them to minimize the spread but I prefer not to – leaving their edges almost crispy and their thin middles butterscotchy in their chewiness.  Although the actual Nutella flavor is faint, I like the cookie so much that I keep making it the same way.  My original recipe for Yummy has no nuts and was meant to be frozen in a log (to be sliced up and baked later) – which of course you can opt to do here as well.

I am happy to be a part of the Yummy roster once again this year.  I have a lot planned for my little column so I hope you take a peek one of these days.  I am also thrilled that they have given me a lovely new 2-page layout!  I couldn’t stop smiling the day I saw it :)

Now I’m off to pack for another weekend beach trip!  So I’ll leave you with these cookies…and a weekend full of hours in which to bake them :)  Wish me good weather!

Adventures With Cold Noodles (Day 144)

This is a tale about cold noodles.
Or maybe not.
Once upon a time I was given a package of cold noodles by a Korean acquaintance. One fine cold winter day I cooked them up (just like Mr. Noodles/Ramen), and then, dun dun dun dun, doused them in cold water.
Here I am dousing the noodles in cold water. Once the noodles were good and cold I put them in a bowl and mixed them with the cold noodles sauce.
These are the noodles, complete with black speckly thingies. The noodles were okay, but not my favourite. I think this was for a few reasons. 1) Cold noodles are meant for summer when it is HOT outside. I ate them in the dead of winter when it is COLD. 2) I am used to and prefer my noodles warm. 3) Even in summer I eat hot things hot and cold things cold. Nothing better for you than sweating out hot soup (or not).

If you, unlike me, are into eating your noodles cold, here is how you make them.

Step 1: Boil water with noodles for the number of minutes mentioned on the package
Step 2: Douse with cold water
Step 3: Mix in sauce
Step 4: Eat and enjoy.

I encourage you to try it. It's a good experience.


" Valentine´s Day"by Anxo 6C

HIIII friends¡¡¡¡

Today it is a very special day because it is the day of the love also  called San Valentine. All the boyfriends and girlfriends give themselves chocolates and gifts to demonstrate love to their couple.
My favourites  love songs are Sick of love (Robert Ramirez),Without you (Usher with David Guetta) and Crazy in love (Beyonce).
So I hope you have a great time on this day of love .

" Happy Valentine's Day"by Belén , 6B

     Hi classmates!!!!
     Today is Valentine's day,  a great day for lovers.All wearing something red if they are in love.This day is a great opportunity to show your love for the person you love.So no one misses the opportunity!!!!                            
            Love!!!  Happy Valentine's Day!!!
     See you.


Hi friends¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

This is my favourite song of love. It´s called" We Will Always Love You". The singer is Withney Houston ( the pop queen) . She has died this week.She was only forty- eight She was a famous singer.
Bye bye friends, happy Valentine´s Day and if you like my post, please write a comment. 

My grandmother and the technology!!!!!! By Tania 6A

                          My Grandmother and the technology   
  My grandmother doesn´t like technology.She´s got a radio a two big televisions and an old camera.Her favourite TV programme  is"El diario de Patricia",but she also listens to the radio.She hasn´t got a laptop,a mobile phone,a memory stick,headphones or a calculator but she´s got a good DVD Player.
My grandmother is great!.
                                  So this is my grandmother!

 The world's funniest grandmother!

Today is Valentine´s Day!!!! By Paula C. 6A

Hi kids!!!
Today is Valentine´s Day!!!
I´m very happy but I´m at home because I´m sick.
In my class 2 students more are sick too.
I hope  you like my valentine´s word cloud!!!
Bye, bye and Happy Valentine´s Day!

MVOTD: Parody Festival (Day 143)

There are many ways to enjoy a song. There's listening to it, watching the music video, and deliberately misinterpreting the song. Misinterpreting the song is especially fun when you don't know the language it is being sung in. Thus, the parody. For Kpop, parodies consist of subtitles that are meant to be funny inserted into the music video. This week is my week of parody music videos.

There are many types of parodies for pop music. Most of them are risque. Some of them are high quality. Today's parody, Mr. Simple by Super Junior, is of the good variety. The parodier of this one is a parody artist, making fun of the group while not insulting the fans and giving most people a good clean laugh. I think most Kpop fans appreciate her work. I do. Especially when it comes to making fun of Sungmin.

Monday Review: Star Wars Uncut (Day 143)

There is a movie out there that is slowly making the rounds of its potential fans. This movie causes headache, confusion, occasional disgustedness, and inspiration. This movie is Star Wars Uncut.

The original premise was that Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope was chopped up into 15 second segments and anybody from anywhere in the world could redo that 15 seconds for a giant puzzle movie (open source movie?). Aka, Every 15 seconds the art style changes. There are cartoons. There are men wearing garbage bags. There are children running around in stormtrooper outfits. There are tiny lego men waddling about. All these styles together make for one big headache...and they are impressive. You DO have to have A New Hope memorized line by line in order to make sense of the whole movie, but it is interesting how different people interpreted and redid famous Star Wars scenes.

Pros: Seeing the scope of Star Wars fandom, seeing the artistic ways that Star Wars/any sci-fi can be done, seeing a baby stormtrooper "running" off to capture Princess Leah, pregnant woman Darth Vader, realizing that you have A New Hope memorized, and appreciating what fans can do together.

Cons: The headache that is guaranteed from watching the film (you just have to pay so much attention), some scenes which would have been better left on someone's private computer (creepy creepy C-3PO), and the disparity between the high quality scenes and the low quality scenes. 

Overall Star Wars Uncut gets a 4 out of 5 for originality, difficulty of producing, and pure fan dedication. It's worth a watch. Just beware of creepy C-3PO.

"My Super Granny" By Alejandra 6B

Hello friends!! 
My granny loves technology. She's got a black digital camera. She's a great photographer. She's got an  enormous television and a DVD Player. She loves her mobile phone. She's got a big and fantastic laptop. She hasn't got headphones or a calculator. I think she is very intelligent because she learns very fast. I have a  modern grandmother!!!!
Bye bye friends!! I hope you enjoy!!

"My Granny and the technology " By Dani , 6A

I´m Dani and  My granny loves technology. She´s got an enormous television and a fantastic DVD player. She´s got a radio. She often likes mobile phones. She´s got a new digital camera and she takes photos because she loves her new camera. She  usually uses her camera.My granny is a crack.

I want to be By Tania 6 A

                                                        My future work

I want to be a vet,because I love animals.
Vets don´t work in an office.Vets work in a clinic.They wear jeans, a T-shirt and a white coat.
They work  everyday  when the animals are sick.
I like this job because I love animals and I love looking after them ,feeding them...
         And you : what do you  want to be ?

                                      I love animals, and you?

Love is in the air!!! By Paula C,6A

Hi friends!!Next Tuesday is Valentine´s Day!!
Watch  my slideshow  and learn why Love is in the air on this date.It´s time of love and lovers, of course.On this day people wear red clothes.Have a Happy Valentine´s Day!
I hope you like it!!

"Great Ideas!" By Óscar Ares

Hi friends! Yesterday I found these cool videos!. The creators believe that the easiest way to change people´s behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. They call it The fun theory.  and they are made by Wolksvagen. 
Piano Stairs
Take the stairs instead of the elevator and do exercise. You can play the piano in the subway!

The world's depeest bin
People get very surprised when they listen to the noise that this bin does!. The idea is to throw rubbish in the bin instead of onto the floor.
Bottle bank arcade
This idea is in order to  people don't pull the trash in the street. It's a  cool game!

Good Bye!!!

My grandparents and the technology!!! By Paula C. 6A

Hi classmates!!!
My granny likes technology the problem is that my grandfather doesn´t.
My granny´s got an enormous television and a great DVD player. She hasn´t got a computer because my grandfather thinks that it´s not necessary.
She has got a mobile phone and a black digital camera. She loves taking photos everywhere. She´s a great photographer!!!
She likes Ipads but she thinks that they are very expensive.
My grandfather has got a radio but it´s very old. He hasn´t got a mobile phone.



This is my first LIM. I am so happy... It was difficult for me to do it (though the activities are very easy).I hope you like it.


Whitney Houston was a very good singer.She sang to love so we can listen to her songs on this Valentine's Day. If you want to know more about her click on her photo.

Listen to some of her songs:

Inspiration Board: Icingless cakes

Momofuku Milk Bar

I’ve been noticing a trend developing lately. Perhaps, you have too. What is this trend, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Icingless Cakes. Yep, that’s right, cakes without an exterior layer of icing. Frankly, I’m not sure how I feel about this trend. The part of me that loves innovation is loving it, but the other part of me, the part of me that licks excess icing off my plate, isn’t completely sold on the idea. I know that there are plenty of delicious icingless cakes in the world (bundt cake, crumb cake, etc), but a wedding cake without icing? Will it be dry? Boring? Tasteless? I just don’t know! But, really, the flavor issue aside, there is something else that worries me about these cakes, a purely aesthetic problem that arises when you remove the protective outer layer of a cake. Take away the icing and what you’re now dealing with is, essentially, a nude cake and every flaw is exposed for the world to see. Icingless cakes just look messy. Even when created by professionals, they still look messy. Yes, there is something charming about their rustic appearance, but do you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a wedding cake and have it look sloppy or undone? Don’t get me wrong. I’m anxious to try one of these cakes and part of me thinks they’re awesome, but I’m just not sure if I would shell out a lot of money for one. What do you guys think?

Image by Natalie Bell



Valentine's Day is coming.Learn some vocabulary related to this day and enjoy yourself.