Pretentious Word of the Week: Nuttall Oak (Day 145)

Today we return to learning pretentious words. Thus, we go to the source, the pretentious word book. That book is Webster's Third New Interntational Dictionary and Seven Language Dictionary, Unabridged: Volume 2, H-R (althouth honestly I think Oxford is better). Just looking at the dictionary's name, you can feel that the words that come from it will be hoity toity and pretentious. It's such a long dictionary name after all. The word for today is "nuttall oak". It should be a highly useful word when talking about furniture.

Nuttall Oak: "A large tree of Missouri, Mississippi, and Texas having dark brownish gray bark and a nut with a thin-walled cup that has cinereous-puberulent scales."

Phrases you  may want to use include, "Is that nuttall oak?", or "I think nuttall oak trees are the most attractive type of oak trees." This of course should lead to confusion and you having to explain your hoity toityness. People will think you know lots about wood and you get to come off as pretentious. How exciting, right?