MVOTD: Block B (Day 245)

Block B. Thanks to Eat Your Kimchi I actually watched their new video, Nillili Mambo. Thanks to watching it, I was super impressed. It was really well done. The costumes were well done. The colour and lighting was well done. The storyline, especially after watching Eat Your Kimchi's Kpop Music Monday, was funny. My favourite part was this part.
That's right, a guy getting ready to eat chicken. Amazing.
Now if you go to the video on, the description says that Nillili Mambo is pirate themed. This surprised me. I hadn't noticed the first two times I saw it. However, knowing that it is pirate themed, suddenly the boat was explained...and the weird sword noises when the song name comes up... and the pirate flag...and Zico's bad hairdo. Also, Zico's skull belt and the one guy's super old school guns suddenly make more sense. However, the mafia, the huge diamonds, the chicken scene, the bar scene, and the cowboy began to make less sense with the pirate them. After all, are Block B pirates, or are they not pirates? Do they actually know how to properly butcher and cook chicken? What happens to the diamonds? It would all make much more sense if it were an episode of Doctor Who, because we all know that Doctor Who throws rules to the wind.
Block B wins the 12:00 AM Month Changy Over Review of the Month Award/wins a Month End Review via loophole. That's right. Two winners for "October". Yay. And all just so Super Junior could win. :D That's E.L.F. love.

MVOTD: End of the Month Review

October was a busy month and had an astounding four music videos posted. The list includes;

Hanson                      MMMBop
My Little Pony           Winter Wrap Up
Super Junior-M          U
Super Junior-M          Blue Tomorrow

So many videos to decide from. Well, not really. The winner is.... Super Junior-M with Blue Tomorrow, because it was actually meaningful and stuff. Honestly, I've been keeping a video back for all of a couple day just so that Super Junior could finally win, but have no fear. These new comers also win, at exactly 12 tonight as the month changes, via loophole. That's right, I made up a loophole because only the best music video actually gets to win. Here's the winner for October. Super Junior-M with their ballad Blue Tomorrow.


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The Scone Factory

I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of jam. I generally try to avoid nondessert related sugars, so I had, pretty much, cut it out my diet. Then, recently, a friend of mine bought me some of this delicious “no sugar added” jam and I’ve been eating it with gusto ever since! Given the current jam revival going on in my house, I was really excited to hear about this scone factory installation at Meesterlijk, a design and craft fair in Amsterdam. Designed by Dutch “eating designer” Marije Vogelzang for her former business partner Piet Hekker (together they cofounded the restaurant Proef), the intent of the scone factory was to give life to Piet’s vision of bringing collaborations between small scale craftsmen and designers to city centers. Such collaborations would not only help to revive the city, but also give work to independent artists and businesses. With this in mind, Marije create the scone factory, which featured a play-shop installation, live scone baking and eating, a jam collection displayed by color (my favorite part!), and a brainstorm wall. What fun! {Thanks, Marije!} ~Erin

Monday Review: Predators (Day 245)

As per requested. Like the German poster? Using my very weak German skills, it roughly translates to, "The planet is a playground, and you are the play."

The story goes as such, I came home from work Saturday night, all ready to go straight to bed, when what should be playing on the TV but Predators. I take one look at the scene playing and recognize it as a movie where the survivors are few. I then immediately pronounce, to Dad who had it on, "She is going to live. He is going to die." and I sit down on the couch because I like bad predictable movies.
Not half an hour later, the fellow I predicted would die is dead, along with a good portion of the motley crew of seeming weapons experts. The woman has been getting all motherly, protecting the people she can, and shooting the ones who got too hurt to move on. Adrian Brody is all, "I like hunting people. It's more important to be alive than to be human."
People die until there are three left. Yes, three. Suspicious, no? Because only two are allowed to survive in cases such as these. Well, the three are booking it to the Predator camp to hijack the spaceship (Oh ho ho ho. What a great and reasonable sounding plan), when Mr. PatheticEveryoneLookAfterMe gets his leg caught in a trap. Wounded, he now is a liability and Adrian Brody wants to leave him. The Motherly One is all like, "I have to help him" and Adrian Brody leaves them to go get the spaceship, but only after some bad dialogue."
The Motherly One: "What are you then, if not human?"
Adrian: "I'm Alive."
The Motherly One: "Is it worth it?"
Apparently yes, since Adrian makes it to the spacecraft with all limbs intact. But wait, the Predator detinates the ship, killing all inside. Meanwhile, the woman and Mr. PatheticEveryoneLookAfterMe limp along until they are captured by the Predator and thrown into a hole...for later. The woman tells Mr.Pathetic, "When it comes time, I'll make it quick, for both of us." and Mr. Pathetic gets all glinty evil eyed. WHAAAAAT? He doesn't want to die a quick painless death? No, definitely not, as he poisons the woman with neurotoxins and goes all Scarecrow on her. Turns out he's a murderer with a thirst for being normal.  
But wait! Adrian Brody never got on the ship. He comes and saves them, but really just the woman, whose name we finally find out is Elizabeth. After taking care of Predator there are really only two questions and one comment left to make. One: Why does the next Predator hunting session start the next day?, and Two: Why does Adrian save Elizabeth? He is perfectly willing to use anyone as bait in order to kill Predators. He himself is a person hunter. So why save Elizabeth? Is it because she acts all motherly, protecting or shooting people when necessary and he appreciates that? Does saving her make him feel human? Is it because she's a lady? Personally, I feel that the movie wants you to believe she makes him feel human, but I think it's because she's a woman.
Now for the assessment.
Predators was better than Predator. While mildly painful, it was much more enjoyable than the torturous epic that is Predator. However, it did borrow some entertaining features from the original. 
First feature: 80's style gynormous guns. Seriously, there were a lot of reallllly big guns.
Second feature: the ridiculously ripped male lead. This one was a surprise as it was Adrian Brody, who seems more lanky than brawny. 
And the Final Feature: The mysteriously disappearing clothes of the male lead. I might be wrong, but isn't this movie franchise intended for a mostly male audience? So why did Schwarzeneger slowly, and inexplicably, strip his top half in the original? And why, also slowly and inexplicably, did Adrian Brody do so in the sequel? Perhaps this question will never be answered, but at least it was asked. If you are going to be ridiculous, at least pretend to have a reason for it.
I give Predators a 3.5 out of 5 for cheesy badness.

Just American Politics...

Facebook provides a meriade of topical topics provided by friends and quasi-friends alike. Today, I was presented with the opportunity to watch this entertaining political rap video. American politics really are really interesting.
Politics. A feeding frenzy for comedians. Comedy. A way to look at politics that isn't depressing. Canadians. Would have their politicians participate in the comedic sketch. Facebook. A place where lots of information is posted. ...or on Wikipedia.

Feminism and American Politics

It has been really interesting watching the comments on American politics as presented on Facebook by a 'raging feminist' Facebook friend. Now, I will admit, I prefer Obama because I believe that 30,000,000 people deserve to get medical care without acquiring crippling debt (that's the 10% of Americans who cannot afford insurance or hospital fees, and having learned that a week in an American hospital can cost about $50,000, I'm surprised the numbers' not higher).
Now onto the interesting things that were posted.
First was this video, by The Factuary, which explains very nicely why Feminists are still Feminists. Thanks Youtube people, and sorry about the awkward picture.

Then came the Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart, which is a compilation of the unguarded statements Republicans have made about rape, combined into one big satire of how Republicans feel about rape. Picture credit to
Click here to view it properly.

Most recently came this delightfully incensed article about how CNN is sexist for Romney. I mean, saying sexist things in order to support Romney (or maybe that was my take on it). The incensed article is incensed that CNN would say that women vote according to their hormonal cycle. Having read what was saved of the now erased CNN article, seen here, I have to say the most insulting thing is not that they imply women vote according to their hormonal level, because the article really just manages to say voting is based on women's relationships. The most insulting thing about the article is that it implies that women will vote according to which candidate they find the most physically attractive.
I'm insulted. I vote according to who I think will do the best/least worst job. I'm guessing you do too.

Completely unrelated, but also worthy of having being posted on Facebook (even though it wasn't), NBC's incredibly creepy "tribute" to female athletes in the 2012 London Olympics. I think that tribute needs more quotation marks around it. """""""""Tribute""""""""". That's more like it. Click here to read an evaluation and here to watch it. But beware, it's only for the brave.  

Now that we are completely off topic, what was the point of it all? Well, it's just that I have learned, thanks to Facebook, that Feminists don't like Romney. They feel disregarded by him. They feel less safe with him. They feel like they will move backwards with him. This is very interesting and kind of scary, because if the States move backwards on women's rights, others will follow.

What Kpop Sci-Fi Fans Do in Their Spare Time: Part 4

I think that a lot of things like this, as seen below, don't just occur in one person's head. They occur because two or more people were talking and an idea was voiced. That idea may have been mulled over, or adapted, but then eventually something was done with it.
Now why am I saying this? Well, definitely it is partly to fill space. I feel that I can't just post a picture. It needs to have words or a narrative. The other reason why I say this is because somehow I assisted my cousin in coming up with this idea.
Now I don't really know much about Pokemon. Extremely little actually, so I had no idea that there was a yellow circle around pokemon that were being caught. I also forgot that pokemon need to be trained. <Insert Super Junior training jokes here>. I was just pleased that she came up with a Super Junior nerd crossover and then made a picture and posted it online. So here is her picture.
Pretty, right?



October 31st is Halloween. How much do you know about this old festival? Take the quiz!



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My Favorite Sandwich (and a list)

titleI am such a delinquent.  It's been almost two weeks since I've been here last and I have nothing to show for it but a sandwich.  I know.  And I promise, or at least very fervently hope, to have something fancier for you when I next post.  But for now, let me just say with as much passion, that this is one of my very very favorite sandwiches.  Ever.  In the history of mankind.  Plus, it's a breeze to put together, only 4 ingredients (including the bread), and highly adaptable within the same theme.  So you see, it's not just any sandwich I leave you with.

Also, since I've been away for a while, reluctantly mired in work while beset with some stubborn bug, I've decided to just share some bit and pieces of what's been going on, along with some links I've been liking :)

**  The October issue of Yummy magazine is still out and I've shared my family's Mexican and Red Bean Rice recipe in my column.  Both big and little C love it and I hope you do to!  The November issue should be out soon (the dessert issue!  stay tuned for that!) but you still have time to grab this one :)

**  I am Divasoria's latest glossy girl!  I was shocked (but oh so flattered) that she asked me.  I am not exactly a poster child for glamour and sophistication.  So to all you soap-and-water girls out there, that's proof that you don't need a lavish beauty routine to be a glossy girl ;)

**  Arguably one of the best local food hacks ever.  Must try soon!!

**  It's Halloween season, and though I was too busy to whip up some homemade treats, we did manage a fair bit of costume shopping :)  It's Super Girl, Pirate, Cheerleader, and Hawaiian Dancer this year!  What are you planning for Halloween?

**  Next book purchase will definitely be this!

**  I thoroughly enjoyed two food blogger related dinners I attended over the past couple of weeks.  One was a dinner organized by Pinoy Eats World and Mr. Delicious to showcase his artisanal local wagyu corned beef.  The other was arranged by the group behind Table For Three, Please: a gastronomic delight of a journey called Dinner for Dessert at the Goose Station.  Both were a lovely mix of good food and good people.  Love reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones!

**  Latest local non-food blog that I am loving -- Behind the Seams by Tippi Ocampo :)

And now, onto the sandwich.  As you can probably already tell from the photo, the sandwich's basic components are cheese, bacon, and some kind of sweet jelly or syrup.  This love affair started many years ago when I was based in Amsterdam for work and I would make this with bacon, smoked Gouda, and stroop (the Dutch sugar syrup which is dark and duskily flavored).  Today's incarnation is made with a new favorite combination: bacon, guava jelly, and melted raclette cheese.  I know this may seem strange to some but trust me, the combination of the sweet and sticky jelly, pungent and melty cheese, and smokey and crispy (not to mention meaty and fatty) bacon is magical.  Feel free to experiment with different cheeses and jellies and syrups.  I'm sure this would be fantastic with maple syrup or honey.

So, what are your favorite sandwiches? :)

Emilie Vercruysse Photography

I've never been a huge fan of cute kid pics. I mean, I love seeing pictures of kids that I know, children of friends and family, but I wouldn’t normally purchase a “cute kid” photograph or even dream of putting one on my wall! Well, those days are over! The minute I laid eyes on these photos by Belgium photographer Emilie Vercruysse, I was instantly smitten. The way she captures children is amazing and not at all typical. By using unique props and the bright colors, she’s able to create images which are funny and wonderfully odd, but, at the same time, still seem so authentic and childlike. Click here to check out more of Emilie's wonderful photographs. ~Erin



Play these games and practise your vocabulary about sports:


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Vintage Confections

I have a soft spot for lollipops. Call it an oral fixation, if you must, but, really, I think it’s more about the fact that lollipops offer a prolonged dessert experience. You don’t just bite and swallow a lollipop (unless you are that owl in the tootsipop commercials), but, instead, you get the opportunity to savor the flavors for an extended period of time. It a fairly unusual eating experience, if you really think about it. And if you’re going to have an unusual eating experience, you may as well be eating something that looks unusual, too! Which is where this lollipops from Vintage Confections come in. From striped neopilitian ice cream pops to pops imprinted with images of peacock feathers, bottle caps, and emoticons, their online shop is filled with some seriously cool candy! And with flavors like caramel crème, pink champagne, and peach cobbler, you know that they are going to taste as good as the look! Click here  to check them out and shop online.