Feminism and American Politics

It has been really interesting watching the comments on American politics as presented on Facebook by a 'raging feminist' Facebook friend. Now, I will admit, I prefer Obama because I believe that 30,000,000 people deserve to get medical care without acquiring crippling debt (that's the 10% of Americans who cannot afford insurance or hospital fees, and having learned that a week in an American hospital can cost about $50,000, I'm surprised the numbers' not higher).
Now onto the interesting things that were posted.
First was this video, by The Factuary, which explains very nicely why Feminists are still Feminists. Thanks Youtube people, and sorry about the awkward picture.

Then came the Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart, which is a compilation of the unguarded statements Republicans have made about rape, combined into one big satire of how Republicans feel about rape. Picture credit to http://www.alternet.org/speakeasy/brucewilson/republican-rape-advisory-chart.
Click here to view it properly.

Most recently came this delightfully incensed article about how CNN is sexist for Romney. I mean, saying sexist things in order to support Romney (or maybe that was my take on it). The incensed article is incensed that CNN would say that women vote according to their hormonal cycle. Having read what was saved of the now erased CNN article, seen here, I have to say the most insulting thing is not that they imply women vote according to their hormonal level, because the article really just manages to say voting is based on women's relationships. The most insulting thing about the article is that it implies that women will vote according to which candidate they find the most physically attractive.
I'm insulted. I vote according to who I think will do the best/least worst job. I'm guessing you do too.

Completely unrelated, but also worthy of having being posted on Facebook (even though it wasn't), NBC's incredibly creepy "tribute" to female athletes in the 2012 London Olympics. I think that tribute needs more quotation marks around it. """""""""Tribute""""""""". That's more like it. Click here to read an evaluation and here to watch it. But beware, it's only for the brave.  

Now that we are completely off topic, what was the point of it all? Well, it's just that I have learned, thanks to Facebook, that Feminists don't like Romney. They feel disregarded by him. They feel less safe with him. They feel like they will move backwards with him. This is very interesting and kind of scary, because if the States move backwards on women's rights, others will follow.