End of the Month Review: September (Day 53)

Review. September was a month of change. The weather got cold and then warmish again. I went from no job to working the fullest week possible. Some people told me they were pregnant, or rather, one did. Sewing came to a stand still. The internet went poop and then came back. Super Junior is doing SMTOWN in New York in October. There was a lot going on.

And now to pick the best music video of the ones that I posted in the last month. Thanks to a week's lack of internet, there may be less than 30 music videos to pick from. Let's see what they were.

Billie Piper - Because We Want To
Billie Piper - She Wants You
B2st/Beast - Say No
B2ST/Beast - Shock
DBSK/TVXQ - Mirotic
DBSK/TVXQ - Before U Go
Hangeng - Queen
London Boys - Harlem Desire
MBLAQ - Stay
New Kids on the Block - Step by Step
SMTOWN - Only Love
Super Junior - A-Cha
Super Junior - Don't Don
Super Junior - Marry U
Super Junior - Mr. Simple
Super Junior M - Super Girl
Super Junior T - Rokkugo
UKISS - Neverland
UV - Itaewon Freedom
ZE:A - All Day Long
ZE:A - Watch Out! (two of three versions)
2AM - I Will Love You, Even If I Die
2NE1 - I Am The Best
2NE1 - Ugly

Indeed, there are only 24. How fortuitous. There are some strong contenders here. Rokkugo, while a personal favourite, cannot win simply because I have seen it so many times. A-Cha isn't amazing enough either. Harlem Desire is best seen after watching Itaewon Freedom several times, and so cannot win. Neverland and Watch Out! may be the contenders; Neverland because of the good quality dancing, and Watch Out! because of the baby chicken dance. Both music videos, ironically, make use semi transclucent white trousers.
And the winner is... ZE:A's Watch Out!. This makes them winners two months in a row. Congrats to them.

A la Mère de Famille's Ice Cream on a Stick

As the summer of the heat dome comes to a close, I couldn't resist one last summer treat, and these fancy schmancy ice cream bars are the perfect way to say goodbye to summer. Created by Paris' oldest sweet shop, A la Mère de Famille (founded in 1761!), these sticks of frozen loveliness start out with homemade ice cream (chocolate-caramel, pistachio, vanilla, raspberry, mango-passion), which is then rolled-up in chocolate, and layered with with nuts (pistachios, almonds, or hazelnuts). Such beautiful, crunchy goodness. Click here for locations throughout Paris.

Bacon & Peas with Orzo

You know how I value me-time. In fact, I stand firm that it is the most unselfish act you can perform. When you take care of yourself and treat yourself to a special time that is just for you, to relax, recharge, or just buy a pair of pointy-toed fuchsia shoes without comments, you are actually doing the world a favor.

Yes you are!

You are making sure that you cultivate the most good-natured, thoughtful, and sane version of yourself to interact with other humans. Really now, who can fault you for that?

And any me-time, should also have me-food. French toast, Nutella, pancakes, cream sauces, chocolate, bone marrow, fancy-pants food in tiny but painfully pretty portions, a bowl of truffle mac n cheese as big as my head, bacon/egg/mayo sandwiches.

And peas.

Yes, peas! For the most part, at least among those I see often, I am alone in my pea-love. But I don’t let that hamper my passion. I simply enjoy them on my own.

Bacon & Peas with Orzo
  • 1/3 cup orzo (about 70 grams)
  • 1 cup frozen peas
  • Olive oil
  • 2 strips of bacon (about 50-60 grams), chopped
  • A pinch of fresh mint leaves
  • A generous grating of pecorino
- Cook the orzo in salted boiling water as per package directions. About 5-7 minutes before the orzo is done, chuck the peas into the pot. When orzo is done and peas are soft drain in a colander.
- While the orzo and peas are cooking, heat a skillet over medium high heat. Add a scant amount of olive oil to the hot pan, swirl, and lay your bacon in. Cook bacon until almost crisp. Drain excess oil from pan (save those bacon drippings!) but leave some (about a teaspoon full…maybe a bit more, I won’t tell) in the pan.
- Add the orzo and peas to the hot pan with the bacon. Toss a few time and transfer to a bowl. Add the mint leaves to the warm orzo/peas/bacon and toss again. Top with a generous grating of pecorino. Enjoy!
- Serves 1 happy camper :)

Peas and bacon are a match made in the heaven I believe exists (along with hot showers + cold sheets, okra + shrimp paste, and good books + pajama naps). For me there is really something special about the pairing of smoky/fatty pork and green veggies. They complement each other perfectly in taste and balance each others’ intentions. And orzo, oh orzo, a pasta that looks like rice…I’m sold! Make sure to keep some extra pecorino on the side because you may just need an extra dusting when you’re at the middle of your bowl.

When C saw the photo of this dish he sat up with surprise saying, “Where did that come from?”. “I made it for my lunch while you were at work.” “Is that special food?”, he says. “No, it’s just something I made for myself…it isn’t really your type right?”. Not one for false flattery, he looked at me and said, “Not really” with a sheepish smile.

Afterwards though, I realized, it is special food…it’s mine. And if you’re a pea lover, it can be yours too :) Happy weekend!

Hello again! by Paula , 6A

I´m Paula. I´m ten. I am in class 6A.
We are in a big class, 12 boys and 11 girls.
I don´t like school very much.
The playground is very big .I like the playground.
Alejandra, Sara, Laura, Antía are my best friends.
Antía and Laura are in my class but Sara and Alejandra aren´t.
My teacher´s name is Carmen Santos and my English teacher´s name is Carmen too.My favourite subject is PE

MVOTD Other Stuff (Day 52)

First off though, I shall confess that I didn't watch the entire music video before posting it yesterday. It was Super Junior's A-Cha, and I enjoyed many parts of it. However, I had some issues too. First and most irritating of all, they made Sungmin look like Ryeowook. Sungmin is the guy my cousins and I like to call "the guy who looks like everybody else". Therefore, as soon as the stylists dyed his hair orange and gave him square bangs, BOOM, he instantly turned into a Ryeowook lookalike. Ryeowook on the other hand, is actually kind of manly now. Both he and Shindong blend in very well with the other dancers, so it is hard to spot them dancing. The dance is also a little uninspiring, but that's okay. My only other complaint was the pants with stripes down the sides. Ever since track suits adopted the stripe, I have associated the stripe with sports and decided that it does not belong on 90% of trousers...ever. Plus it makes it look like they are wearing sweat pants a little bit. Other than that issue, the costumes are pretty solid, the editing is interesting, and they are all as beautiful as they normally are. Plus, the first 15 seconds rock.

Today's music video is Before U Go by TVXQ(the two members left in it) of SMENT. Don't bother watching the whole thing (unless you like TVXQ) since it's a five minute storyline song. Just watch the first two minutes. Then you get all the butt kicking action and ridiculous fur lined suits you want without feeling that the song is too long. Featuring U-Know Yunho and Max/Changmin(sic).

The Interweb is Back (Day 51)

The end of September is approaching, and thanks to a little hiccup...whole week of no home internet, my fingers get to take a break when I right out the month's song list. I have to say that the winner of this month is not very clear. I haven't posted that many epic videos.

On another note, I am super excited that my internet works again. The only issue now is that our anti-Malware software thinks my favourite Korean drama site is out to get us. Thus, I am being blocked from going to it.

Today's music video will be A-Cha by Super Junior. I just found out about it, it being a mere two days old with two million hits. You go E.L.F.'s. I am just in the process of watching it myself. Will Ryeowook continue to become more manly? Will Heechul be in it (he went into the army on the 1st)? Answer: 15 seconds in I had a silly grin on my face, and yes Heechul's in it. So some of the outfits have weird glitter on them. So what? I have a feeling this movie will be Super Junior gold...and I've seen 23 seconds so far.
The only other news pertains to how great swing dancing is. More people should try it out. Not only do you gain confidence in your movement and social interaction (or rather, I do), but it is also a workout and you can show off afterwards to all your friends.

Expect pictures of my sewing tomorrow. That is the current plan for tomorrow's topic.


We want to welcome Marian.She is going to help us with our English classes. She is our English conversation assistant and we are very happy ... It's so exciting!
Thank you Marian for coming and have a nice stay.

"My Class" By Alejandra 6 B.

Hi!. I´m Alejandra. I´m eleven years old. My school is C.E.I.P. Emilia Pardo Bazán . I am in class 6B. My class is very big. There are two blackboards, a computer and some maps. The desks are little and green. There are twenty-two classmates: eleven boys and eleven girls. My classmates are very fun. Sara and Paula are my best friends but they aren´t in my class. My teacher´s name is Carme. I like school but I don´t like studying. English, P.E. and music are my favourite subjects. Bye bye classmates! I hope you enjoy reading my post!!

"My school " by Dani, 6A

Hi I´m Dani . I´m eleven. I am in class 6A.
We are a big class:12 boys and 11 girls. My classrooom is great. Geta is my best friend.
My teacher´s name is Carmen. I don´t like school. My classroom is white and big. My favourite subjects is Physical Education.

I Miss The Internet

Last Tuesday my internet ceased to function. It is now Monday evening...er, night. Tomorrow the phone cord repairman is supposed to come and repair it. I don't believe that he will. I think that they'll show up, see that no one is home, and leave, making us wait another week before we can have functional phone or internet. This is probably a pessimistic view point, but so it is. I have watched a lot of Stargate SG-1and gone outside a lot more since the incident though. It really helps that we've had great weather. However, I can't help but feel quite bored at home, since the books I'm currently reading are depressing and we only have one television channel. There is only so much sewing one can do in a day. On the positive side, no internet may or may not mean taking more vitamin C.

Today's music video is Mirotic by DBSK/TVXQ of SMENT. I picked this song because I couldn't think of any others off the top of my head, plus I don't know how to get two tabs on the explorer I'm currently using at my friends house. She will laugh at me later. Mirotic's plot is that some lady captured DBSK and was torturing them, but they escaped and made her explode. I'm not sure what the song is about. Enjoy.

Sneak shots from Manchester

Some of the best tattoos I ever spied. I wish a better photo could have captured them. There were lions, flowers and bumble-bees. Unfortunately this would have required full on shameless creepy stranger photography. Alas.

Two ladies enjoying lonesome lattes.




Learn about the different states in the USA:

Breakfast #46: Steel Cut Oats with Muscovado Glazed Bacon

I haven’t shared any breakfast here in a while…shame on me. After all, this blog is named after breakfast, and I did make a resolution to post more of them. So far, relatively speaking (and that is relative to my own historic posting frequency), I have been able to post more breakfasts that I did in the previous year – and average of at least once a month, compared to a dismal four breakfast posts for the whole of last year! And, as of today, I already have more posts in total than in 2010. I know I am far from a prolific blogger, with only one post a week, but I feel good that I’ve reached some of the goals I have set in January (that new look for my blog still remains a hopeful dream). Slow and steady wins the race they say, and I’m hoping they weren’t lying!

And where all this quantification came from I have no clue. Could it be as the end of this year comes undeniably closer? Ssshhh...Let's not rush it!

Anyway, onto breakfast. I posted about savory oatmeal before. I love oatmeal in all its incarnations so having another way to enjoy it is always welcome. One of my readers commented saying that she might like a sweet and savory type oatmeal and I thought, “Why not?” I whipped up a bowl of oats topped with crispy bacon and drizzled with honey…simple and delicious. And that's where this version comes from.

Steel Cut Oats with Muscovado Glazed Bacon
  • 1/2 cup steel cut oats
  • 1 1/2 – 2 cups water
  • 4 strips of bacon
  • 1-2 tablespoons dark muscovado sugar
  • Freshly cracked black pepper
- Bring 1 1/2 cups of water to a boil in a sauce pan.
- Once it boils add the steel cut oats, give it a stir, and then cover. Cook stirring frequently to make sure it doesn’t stick until cooked to your liking. Some like it chewier than others. Add more water if it starts looking too dry.
- While the oatmeal is cooking lay the bacon strips flat on a plate. Sprinkle muscovado sugar on one side. You can be very flexible here, adding as much or as little sugar as you want. My bacon isn’t totally coated, but I wouldn’t say the sugar is sparse either. I like a good, even, generous sprinkling. Now, crack some black pepper over the sugar. Repeat with the other side.
- Rub or spray a non-stick skillet with a scant amount of oil and heat over high heat. When the pan is hot lay bacon strips on it and bring heat a touch down to medium. Cook until sugar is nice and caramelized and coating the bacon in a totally alluring way -- but not too crisp! The sugar will harden as the bacon cools so you don’t want to overdo it.
- Remove the bacon from the pan and transfer to a wooden chopping board. Let it cool for a bit (just a minute or two). It will stiffen and transform into a heavenly sort of bacon candy – you could eat it as is now and your life would never be the same again…but wait, there’s oatmeal!
- Chop the bacon into bite-size pieces. Divide your hot oatmeal in two bowls. Top with bacon. Enjoy!

Unlike my bowl of bacon honey oatmeal, the it's the bacon itself here that is sweet, almost candied. I would be a liar if I told you that I didn’t want to just grab all that caramelized bacon in my hands and eat it even before the oatmeal was done. But I resisted (for now!) and was left with a bowl of breakfast awesomeness that is both sinful and saintly. Here’s some optional advice: If you like your oats sweet with a touch of salty, add some honey to your oatmeal before topping with bacon. If you like it savory with a touch of sweet, add a pinch of salt to your oats as they cook.

Speaking of goals I set in January I am happy to report that, aside from the elusive blog look makeover, I have made decent headway on each. Aside from posting more often, and more breakfasts, I have also explored new ways to share my love for food more of you. I now have a regular column in my favorite local food magazine, and I have (despite my extreme nervousness) managed to go on about my pet cause of using leftovers (another resolution) on TV!

This may not seem like a packed year so far but between a regular day job (which is, by the by, not food-related or writing-related at all and has nothing to do with this blog), time with family and friends, and time for myself, it is a lot for me. And to all of you who know the drill, who go to bed tired from a stressful day of work, wondering if you did everything right between your job and your family, and if you even have the energy to, this is for you. For you, from me. You can.

And if you don’t believe me? Just sprinkle some sugar on your bacon tomorrow and tell me if you can’t move mountains afterwards ;)

"Warning! , Crazy satellite!" By Óscar, 6 A

Tomorrow (Friday, September 23, 2011) a satelitte is going to fall down on the Earth. It´s a dead 6- ton satellite and it´s got the size of a bus.It´s twenty years old and was made by NASA.If you find pieces of the satellite, don´t touch it, it can be toxic..

" BACK TO SCHOOL" by Juan Carlos Parada , 6A

Hi friends!Summer finishes and school starts.

I´m again on this blog and this is my first post this school year. This summer I went to Fuerte Ventura and I have a great time. I went on a ship called BLUE BIRD, I had a fantastic day.

Now I am in Room 6A and I have to do homework and study hard.

I miss my summer vacations a lot.

Recovering Yesterday (Day 49)

I am feeling grumpy. Unreasonably so I think. Yesterday it rained. It rained and rained and rained...and rained and then rained somemore. Usually this is no biggie. It rains here. It happens. However, yesterday, that rain may or may not have caused both my household internet and telephone to cease functioning. Last night it was fine that they didn't work. It was just the storm. This morning however, it was another story. It was very alienating and lonely to be without a fast way to contact people, not to mention that I got called in to work today (I knew because of the time they called) but lost a day of employment because I couldn't hear a thing they said. And then there were the questions of 'did this affect anyone else' and 'is the phone company working on it'? Therefore, today, I spent the time refreshing my memory on Stargate SG-1 and working on a music video. I currently sit in my neighbour's house typing away, because their internet works.

What this lack of internet means for you.
No blog for a week. Take it as you will.

The music video for today is Super Junior's Don't Don. This is partly because I was frazzled and frustrated but a moment ago, and partly because of my deep affection for Super Junior. Don't Don is a serious song about the ills that love of money creates...or something. Hankyung looks like a manga character in it. The best parts, other than Hankyung and Henry being in it, are that everyone looks so badass (I can't think of any synonyms or else I'd have used them). Enjoy.

" A trip to the Ons Island" by Laura V , 6A

This summer I was on the Ons island.
I went by boat with my family and I had a great time.The Ons Island is the main island of a small archipelago in the coast of Pontevedra.It bec0mes part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, together with the islands of Cortegada, Sálvora and Cies.
We walked around the island but we couldn´t visit the lighthouse.What a pity!.
It was very hot and we went to the beach to sunbathe and relax. Have you ever visited the Ons island?. It´s beautiful. In this photo you can admire the beach called " Dorna". It´s little but I like this beach very much.


Build your own castle:

Review of El Cid (Day 48)

Unfortunately, the only things I have watched recently are Super Junior music videos and the first part of El Cid, that 1961 classic. So, I will give my impression of the movie thus far.

Good things: Romantic face squishing, better ethnic casting than West Side Story, passionate characters, nice costumes.

Bad things: Pacing, characterization, pacing, lack of use of the antagonist, pacing, unlikable protagonists, pacing.

I give El Cid 2.5 out of 5. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone, but it is still a well crafted movie.

Today's music video is All Day Long by ZE:A, and yes I am on a ZE:A kick. They rock. Since All Day Long had fighting in it, I thought it was appropriate for the movie, which had lots of fighting. Lots of slow fighting.

"Welcome back" by Martín , 6B

Hello again!
We started a new school year last Monday. And this is my first post this year.
I went to Lanzarote last summer. I had a great time.
Did you have a good time during your summer vacations?
Do you like the picture?????
Until the next post and WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!.



Look at this map. You can see the 50 states of The United States of America.

Now play these games. Click on this webpage address: http://bensguide.gpo.gov/3-5/games/interactive.html



Thanks to Ana. Visit her blog: Aula tic

How to Get Your First Super Junior CD (Day 47)

Exactly as the title says, this is a functional way to get your first Super Junior CD. Atleast, I should say, it has worked once thus far by total and complete accident.

The Steps:
1) Like Super Junior
2) Convince someone to develop a crush on you. This can be a bit tricky as you are not supposed to know that they have a crush on you.
3) Have them take a road trip where they house veeeerrrrry close to a cities' China Town/Asian area. A lot of cities only have China Towns and do not have areas that represent South Korea, Japan, etc.
4) They need to be gift givers for this, but have them go to that area and look around for a present for you. They should know already that you are a Suju fan, so they will look for Super Junior stuff.
5) Have them purchase said Super Junior CD and give it to you.

For this one, unlike my 'How To Be Pretentious' lessons, the first step is the only easy step. The rest are really quite hit and miss. An easier and more sure path would be to buy one online or on iTunes, but that way isn't as interesting.

Today's music video, in keeping with the Super Junior theme, is Super Junior-M's Super Girl. This one has Hankyung, who is a very attractive man. It is an addicting song.


4-YEARS-OLD CHILDREN are learning about castles. Here we've got a video about the knights of the round table:


These are monuments or important places in the USA. Discover them!


Try to do this jiwsaw. Click here.


Try to do this jigsaw. Click here.



This is the USA flag.

Learn about the states of this big country.There are fifty states. Good luck!

Clik on this webpage address: http://www.yourchildlearns.com/mappuzzle/us-puzzle.html

Clik on this webpage address: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/usa_game/wordgames/hangman_states/usa_wordgames_states.htm


This year we are going to have a person from the USA to help us with our speaking. We are going to learn a lot about this country.
Here we have a webpage about it.

BBB - Bush, Boys, Beast (Day 46)

Do you ever just feel wrong? As if there was something you were supposed to be doing, or a way you were supposed to act different? I felt like that walking in my backyard bush today. It's something you can't place, but it makes you feel bad, because you are not where you should be. But then, the feeling doesn't answer where you should be either. It is confusing.

Update on the boy situation. I hung out with the guy I talked about several days ago recently and have decided some things. First, in my head, rationally, I don't like him. He doesn't want children. I want four or more. He likes playing musical instruments. I do not. He is embarrassed of being a nerd and makes it sounds like he doesn't like nerds or nerd things. Meanwhile he knows about all the current nerd things. I am very aware of my nerdhood and wear it almost proudly, yet I am clearly lacking in some nerd aspects. Despite how my head feels, in my heart, I still treat him like I like him. I get all blushy and can't look at his face. However, I think this is latent attraction from when I did like him. It's not current like of him. Now all there is to do is get used to treating him like all the other guys I'm not attracted to. I'm not saying that I am closing all the possibilities, but for now, that is where it's at.

Today's music video is B2ST/Beast's Shock. Beast is with Cube Entertainment, a company many would consider the fourth largest in the recording/entertainment industry. Shock is a pretty average music video.In it I like the way the cords are "attacking" Yeseob. It's both cool and creepy at the same time. I also appreciate that due to the low lighting, the outfits look almost understated, despite the fact that a lot of them are bejeweled.

Magic Sauce

We all need a little magic in our lives. Despite the noblest of intentions, and the staunchest assurances to traverse only on the sunny side of the street, even the best are sometimes felled by gloomy thoughts and crummy circumstance. And although I will very soon tell you, as I often tell myself when the proverbial poop hits the fan, to focus on all the wonderful things one must be grateful for, and the beauty to be found everywhere, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the truth…

Sh*t happens. (and with that, the first time I’ve cussed on this blog…my oh my)

Truth acknowledged...now, let’s go have some fun kicking the sh*t out of sh*t :) (second and third cuss, but who’s counting)

How? With magic. The magic of true friends. The magic of dancing as if no one were watching. The magic of butter on warm toast. The magic of a simple movie date with your best mate. The magic of giving yourself a break. The magic of a child’s laughter. Of hot showers. Of cool sheets. Of chocolate croissants. Of fantasy novels and reveling in the fact that you can still lose yourself in them even after 20-odd years. Of dreams...and the magic that makes you believe that they can indeed come true.

Yes, it’s everywhere. Some of it in plain sight. Some you’ve got to look a little harder for. And some very powerful types are hidden away in that secret cave from your childhood…you know, the same one where you left the strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff?

Oh, and there’s also this.

Magic Sauce
(adapted from Heidi’s recipe on 101 Cookbooks – I love her to bits)

  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon rosemary leaves
  • 1 teaspoon thyme leaves
  • 1 tablespoon roughly chopped parsley
  • 2 teaspoons pimenton de la vera, dulce (Spanish smoked sweet paprika)
  • 1 garlic cloves, smashed to a paste or pressed
  • 1 bay leaf
  • A pinch of red pepper flakes
  • Around 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
- Warm the olive oil in a pan until hot. Remove from heat and set aside.
- While the oil is heating pound the rosemary, thyme, and parsley with a mortar and pestle.
- Once the oil is off the heat for a minute or two, stir in the pimenton, garlic, bay leaf, pepper flakes, and salt.
- Add the bruised herbs and lemon to the oil and stir.
- Transfer everything to a clean jar and let cool. You can use this immediately or store in the fridge for about a week.

Heidi’s original recipe uses oregano but I didn’t have any so I substituted parsley. It also calls for a well-crumbled bay leaf but our bay leaves here are so dry that I feared even well-crumbled the bits would be too sharp and edgy, so I opted to keep it whole. This is an extremely flexible sauce and I see it working well with so many things. I have drizzled it over sautéed garlic mushrooms, sausage fried rice, mozzarellini…and even a solitary piece of bread. Next in line would be: to dress a just-off-the-fire steak, over roasted potatoes, and on a fried egg.

We all need magic…great magic and small, simple magic and complex, and yes, even the types you can whip up in five minutes and store in your fridge. Sometimes, especially those types. Don’t stop believing! :)

"What I did this summer " by Geta, 6A

This summer I travelled to Cartagena and it was fun.
Here I did a lot of interesting things like diving and going to the beach.
I visited my family : my uncle and my cousins.
Welcome back to school, friends!.