The Interweb is Back (Day 51)

The end of September is approaching, and thanks to a little hiccup...whole week of no home internet, my fingers get to take a break when I right out the month's song list. I have to say that the winner of this month is not very clear. I haven't posted that many epic videos.

On another note, I am super excited that my internet works again. The only issue now is that our anti-Malware software thinks my favourite Korean drama site is out to get us. Thus, I am being blocked from going to it.

Today's music video will be A-Cha by Super Junior. I just found out about it, it being a mere two days old with two million hits. You go E.L.F.'s. I am just in the process of watching it myself. Will Ryeowook continue to become more manly? Will Heechul be in it (he went into the army on the 1st)? Answer: 15 seconds in I had a silly grin on my face, and yes Heechul's in it. So some of the outfits have weird glitter on them. So what? I have a feeling this movie will be Super Junior gold...and I've seen 23 seconds so far.
The only other news pertains to how great swing dancing is. More people should try it out. Not only do you gain confidence in your movement and social interaction (or rather, I do), but it is also a workout and you can show off afterwards to all your friends.

Expect pictures of my sewing tomorrow. That is the current plan for tomorrow's topic.