"The Rainbow" by LucĂ­a ,5B

Hello classmates!!!!!!!!

This is the rainbow. I love rainbows. It is very beautiful. It's got seven colours: purple, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange and red. It is.....colourful!!!
Do you like the rainbow??.

See you soon!!!!!!

Will and Katz 4VA

Whats hiding in this beauty of a biscuit tin?? What secret lurks behind the smiles of the newly weds??

A tortilla. Si, claro.

kitsch biscuit tins + Spain's finest = Royal Times

A MASSIVE cover. Well worth checking out:


" My eco bag " By Paula C. 5A

Hi my friends!

This is my eco bag!. I´m eco- friendly , and you?.
Do you like my bag?.It´s perfect!. It´s got a heart with trees around them.The most important ingredient is imagination, for your very own unique Eco bag.Help the Earth, don´t use plastic bags.
Bye,bye and a virtual kiss!.

Inspiration Board: Muppets

The Muppets, stars of the television series The Muppet Show, as well as numerous big screen movies, often get the short end of the stick when it comes to dessert decoration. They are often overlooked for their older, more popular cousins on Sesame Street, so when I saw these wonderful cupcakes by Cupcake Occasions, I was sooo excited. I'm especially fond of the Beaker cupcake because that's what we used to call my mom when I was an adolescent, not because she spoke in a high-pitched squeak, but because she and the red-haired Muppet shared the same job. After doing some additional Muppet dessert research, I came across the cake below, which was made by Heather and is based on my all-time favorite Muppet movie, The Great Muppet Caper. I was in Muppet heaven.

Animal Cake by Denheath Desserts


Here we have got some games:


Here we have got some information about the UK.

Look at some important monuments in London:


These days you can see on the tv the UK Royal Family because on April 29th Prince Willians is going to marry Kate Middleton.
This is a photo of the Royal Family:

You can see Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Philips and their sons and daughter:prince Charles, prince Andrew, prince Edward and princess Anne.

This is the Royal Family Tree

Prince Charles has got two sons: William and Henry. Willian is the one who is going to marry.

In November 2010 Willian announced his engagement to long term girlfriend Kate Middleton who he met at St Andrews University in 2001. They are planning to marry on April 29th 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London.
Prince William is well known for his love of sport, and in 2006 he became President of England’s Football Association and royal patron of the Welsh Rugby Union.

They will marry at Westmister Abbey. click on the photo to see some information about this famous building in London.

Another important building in London is Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth II lives there.Click on the photo for more details.

Our Easter Egg Hunt

Hi, kids!
Last Friday April 15th we all really have a great time playing an Easter egg hunt at our playground. We looked for our classroom Easter egg and we got a delicious chocolate egg. Have a look and enjoy!. It was very exciting. See you after Easter !.
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Pay attention and click as fast as you can.


Learn about Shakespeare:

Do you want to play? Enjoy yourself!



April 23rd is World Book Day. On this day, but in 1616, Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died. This is the reason why we celebrate this important event on this day.

Heavy head, light feet and a tinned peach sky

Wednesday evening was spent in the Brazilian kitchen and Contagiarte. This inevitably resulted in a thursday spent with a heavy head and glorious memories of pineapples brimming with vodka.

My Erasmus hangover cure? A cheeky trip to the Serralves gallery to watch some contemporary dance. Pretentious, probably. Highly amusing, sim, sim, sim.

Nice style. Granny scarf, trench-anorak, shorts, opaque tights and timberlands. A pick and mix outfit which is sweet, sweet, sweet.

Sofia's shit steppers! These were quite distracting throughout some of the slightly less interesting dance performances.

A dancer from the Trisha Brown dance company. Shuffeling about the Serralves garden to the sound of Simon and Garfunkle. All in all a curious and not overly impressive spectacle.

This piece involved the dancers wriggeling in and out of clothes hung from a impressive washing line/web.

On the bus home I noticed the sky was insane.
Um bolo de fogo the colour of tinned peaches.

Thats all there is. There isn't any more.

The Mixing Bowl: Black Bottom Cupcakes by Alyssa Nassner

This afternoon was so happy and sun shiny that it seemed like a great time to post this awesome recipe from illustrator Alyssa Nassner. Colorful and cheery, Alyssa's work goes perfectly with the spring season. Flowers, bike rides, animals . . . her work has spring written all over it! And the Black Bottom Cupcake illustration that she created for her Mixing Bowl recipe is equally adorable. Not to mention, that it looks mighty delicious!  Who doesn't love a rich and chewy, multicolored cupcake? Really who?  

A recent graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, Alyssa Nassner has already worked with clients such as Chronicle Books, Dwell Studio, and UPPERCASE Magazine. In addition, Alyssa also runs Small Talk Studio, an online store that specializes in fun home goods and paper products. I took one look at her bicycling raccoons print and was instantly smitten. To check out more of Alyssa's work, you can visit her website, right here, as well as the Small Talk Studio Etsy page, right here

To see a larger version of the Black Bottom Cupcake recipe, simply click on the image at the top of this post.

Nice image of the day.


Porqueria do mar= shit from da sea

Pablo and his beach portrait photographed in the style of Mario Testino.

Flaming Marta and Maria wave Hola to Raul.


Being a humid and blustery day, os espanhois and I thought it best to wander aimlessly around Vila Do Conde, a sea side town 40 minutes from Porto.

Here we found little, run down houses sulking in the barely there midday sun. We found a monastery closed to the public, an appropriately terrifying orphanage and also, an aquaduct. We decided to ignore this.
Upon reaching the beach we danced the tide rolling in dance, made sand graffiti with umbrellas and admired the porqueria do mar proudly displayed along the shore.

This was followed by much walking, a group siesta on the train and finally, a slice of 1 euro pear cake at O centro Miguel Bombarda.

Bom Diggedy Wiggedy.