Heavy head, light feet and a tinned peach sky

Wednesday evening was spent in the Brazilian kitchen and Contagiarte. This inevitably resulted in a thursday spent with a heavy head and glorious memories of pineapples brimming with vodka.

My Erasmus hangover cure? A cheeky trip to the Serralves gallery to watch some contemporary dance. Pretentious, probably. Highly amusing, sim, sim, sim.

Nice style. Granny scarf, trench-anorak, shorts, opaque tights and timberlands. A pick and mix outfit which is sweet, sweet, sweet.

Sofia's shit steppers! These were quite distracting throughout some of the slightly less interesting dance performances.

A dancer from the Trisha Brown dance company. Shuffeling about the Serralves garden to the sound of Simon and Garfunkle. All in all a curious and not overly impressive spectacle.

This piece involved the dancers wriggeling in and out of clothes hung from a impressive washing line/web.

On the bus home I noticed the sky was insane.
Um bolo de fogo the colour of tinned peaches.

Thats all there is. There isn't any more.