"Tigers" by Martín ,class 5B

I love tigers. Tigers are big, dangerous and fierce. These animals have got four strong legs. They´ve got orange and black stripes. They live in Asia. They eat meat. They can run swim and climb trees. They live for 15 years. Tigers wait until darkness to hunt. No two tigers have exactly the some pattern of stripes. Some tigers live where it gets very cold. Tigers live alone, except for mothers and their young. The scientific name for tiger is a :" Panthera tigris"
Bye, kids!

" Squirrels" by Sara P, 5C

Squirrels are brown or grey.They are little and beatiful.They live in the forest.They live with spiders, bears and frogs.They live in trees.They eat acorns.They collect acorns in summer for the winter.They like acorns.They can climb the trees, but they can't swim.Some of them can fly.Flying Squirrels can fly over a cliff fall. Scratch, the squirrel of Ice Age, is the most famous squirrel .I love them.They are the best wild animals!!!

''Iberian linx'' by Sara M, 5C

These animals are brown with black spots or stripes. They have got brown or green eyes, a big mouth and long, straight hair. Some Iberian Linxes have got short hair. They have got a short tail (12-30 centimetres). They have got four sets of whiskers: two groups on the ears and two on the chin. From the head to the tail there is 100 centimetres approximately.
The Iberian Linx eat animals: zebras, rabbits... They don't eat leaves or grass. They can run very fast, jump high or climb trees.
The Iberian Linx is an animal in danger of extinction in Spain.

"My dog Tobi" by Antía, class 5A

Hello!!! I like animals. My favourite animals are tigers and dogs. I have got a dog, his name is Tobi. Tobi is very big. He´s grey and white. He´s playful, naughty and cute. He´s got brown eyes, a black nose and a long tail. He eats dog food, rice and meat. He lives with my granny and grandad in a big house with an enormous garden. He likes swimming in summer, playing with children and walking with me. He can run very fast but he can´t climb trees. Do you like Toby?.
Until the next post!.

" Giraffes" by Marta, 5A

Hi, mates!.
These are giraffes. They are big, brown and yellow. They can run.They have got a very long neck and four long legs.Male giraffes are up to 5.5 metres. They are the tallest animal on land. They live in Africa in the savannah.
They don´t eat meat. They eat leaves.The tongue, lips and palate are tough, which allows them to feed on trees with sharp thorns. They´ve got two small horns. Do you like giraffes?.
That´s all for the moment. See you soon!.

" FishFrog" by Martín ,5A

Hi friends!
This is the "pezrana" frog fish in English.
They live in moist habitats as a marsh.
They can swim and fly but they cannot walk.
They swim very well at fast speed.
They can hold their breath about 10 months.
They fly very quickly.
Well this is all about the frog fish.
Hope you like it!


"My tortoise" by Laura B, 5C

I have a tortoise . She is called Lili . She's two years old . She is green . She lives in my flat
She doesn't live in a house . She is small . She isn't big . She has got a shell . She can't run very fast .She can't fly . She has got a long neck . She hasn't got friends . She eats lettuce , worms and prawns . She doesn't eat chocolate . She likes water.

This is my pet!! by Paula C, 5A

Hi my classmates!!!
I love pets and animals.
This is my pet. It´s a goldfish. Have you got one?.
Its name is Star.It is two years old.It´s orange .It´s got fins, a tail and bulging eyes.
It can swim very fast and very well, but it can´t jump.It eats algaes and special food. If I give it different food it doesn´t eat it.When it´s hungry it opens its mouth.
It lives in an aquarium , plenty of aquatic plants.It hides behind a rock.It likes having friends.His favourite toy is a pirate boat.It doesn´t like the darkness, it gets very nervous.When I turn on the lights it´s happy.
I love my pet .It is perfect.I hope you like my post because I write it with a lot of illusion.
See you soon!!!!!

" I´m a superheroine" by Sara P, 5C

Hi, boys and girls!.
This is my video. I´m a superheroine " The Yodicity Superheroine" with super powers. I´m wearing a pink suit and I can fly. I´m very , very strong. Click here to watch my video.
That´s all for the moment.

" My strange animal" by Óscar, 5 A

Wow!! It's a very, very, very strange animal! Look at its feet of a MONKEY, and its tail of a snake! Look at its head of a fish!
It's... Dewormidad!!!!
Its favourite food are bananas and apples, It's vegetarian.
It runs very slow, because It's very fat. It can swim and dive.



People in Brazil speak Portuguese.Do you know portuguese?

Football is the most important sport in Brazil. How many words do you know related to this sport?

Are you good at football?


Play this game and cook Mexican Fajitas:

Pinatas are very famous in Mexico. Play this game:


Listen to this Chinese Song:

And now play with the Tangram, a chinese game. Choose between easy(doado) or difficult (difícil):

Do you want to know your name in Chinese? Click on the Chinese Flag:

Now find out your Chinese Zodiac Sign:


Click on the photo and you can learn about China.

Click here and learn about Brazil:

Click here and learn about Mexico:

Sting & Cheb Mami - Desert Rose (Calderone Melodic Club Mix Radio) (2000)

Sting & Cheb Mami - Desert Rose (Calderone Melodic Club Mix Radio) (2000)

''Rufa, my little cat'' by Sara M, 5C

This is Rufa, my kitten. She's white but she's got black and ocre spots. She's got a little mouth, little green eyes and little ears.She's very beautiful.
Rufa can run very fast, jump very high and climb walls and trees. She can't swim. She eats fish and cat food but my family gives her eggs, ham, meat, omelettes, macarroni...
She lives in my countryside house. She likes playing with bows or ropes. She likes playing with her brother too. Her brother is called Harry, and her mother Misi. I don't know who is her father. She doesn´t like water, but she drinks water everyday in my countryside house.
Rufa sleeps on the straw because it´s very hot.
I love my baby cat!

"My dog Nuca" by Dani, 5C.


My dog is called Nuca. Nuca is big and strong. She lives with me in my house.She eats dogs food. She is always hungry. She likes balls. She can jump very high. She can run very fast and swim too. She´s one year old. Her birthday is on the fifth of February. She`s got three brothers and three sisters. Her mum is called Perla. She`s a lovely pet. She likes sleeping with me in my bed.Last month, Nuca broke her leg. She likes playing with other dogs and with me.
Do you like my dog?.

Ensaladang Lato (Seaweed Salad)

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence…at least that is what everyone says. I must admit, I have been guilty of this too, more often than I am willing to say. You only have to peek into my Twitter feed* to see me trying to make deals with the Western world to “send me some snow” in exchange for the sunshine I am so blessed with, but which can also be unrelentingly scorching.

So I have decided to stop and appreciate what is naturally mine on this little group of islands: brilliant beaches, gorgeous sunny days, fabulous produce, the luxury of tank tops and flip-flops all year round. As if reading my good-intentioned thoughts, today arrived charmingly sunny yet breezy – all sun-kissed blue sky and the gentle caress of the wind. The weather dreams are made of.

To celebrate the advent of sunny days (chasing the clouds away) I am posting another local salad. I’ve mentioned before, I love my native Filipino salads and I hope to share some here. They are uncomplicated and fresh, with piquant personalities…and they go perfectly with our weather!

Ensaladang Lato (Seaweed Salad)
  • 250 grams lato (seaweed)
  • 2 native tomatoes, seeds removed and sliced into thin wedges
  • 5 small/young native onions (like shallots), peeled and sliced thinly

- Clean your lato very gently so as not to pop the bulbs.
- Arrange on a plate with tomatoes and onions.
- Serve with dressing (see below) on the side.

A note on the dressing: The choices for dressing this salad are relatively simple. You can choose to have it with just some vinegar or soy sauce or a combination of both. Some Filipino cookbooks prescribe a vinaigrette of olive oil, vinegar, pepper, and salt. We like a mix of vinegar with just a smidgen of soy sauce and freshly cracked black pepper. Easy on the salt because the lato is already naturally salty. What’s important is to have the dressing on the side as the vinegar will make the lato mushy. You can either dress your salad right before you eat it, or even better, dip the lato directly into the dressing as you eat.

Lato is a bright green seaweed, consisting of little bulbs, that I was introduced to by C’s family in Zamboanga. According to his godmother, it cannot grow in water that is not clean, so you know that where lato grows, the sea is clean. When I visited, I ate it straight out of the sea! What makes it delicious is the combination of the feel of the bulbs popping in your mouth, and the salty liquid they release when they do.

This is another great example of a Filipino salad – simple elements combined with minimal fuss, letting the delicious flavors shine through. Not only is it fitting for this weather, it gets on famously with summer food like grilled fish.

So now I sit at my desk with the windows open, relishing the breeze and the good food that I plan to make with the coming summer’s bounty, happy in the belief that, at this moment at least, the grass in greener right here.

*Speaking of Twitter: I’ve been on it for some time now but I realize I haven’t formally shared this fact over here (although I do have my Twitter feed on my right sidebar…yup, right over there). Aside from whiny weather complaints (which I’m trying to balance now with being thankful I never have to freeze my tush off), I also share a lot of my meals, ingredients, and ideas there. Let’s face it, what makes it on the blog are, more often than not, dishes that already have some semblance of a recipe. This leaves a lot out – throw-together meals, experimental dishes, new ingredients I want to try out, market trips, random ideas. All that, and more, I try to capture in the charming immediacy that is Twitter. And it’s not just words (of 140 characters only please!). I use this nifty thing to share images from my everydays as well. Not that either the words or the images are ground-breaking exciting. But they’re there…just in case you want to take a peek :)

Sweet Testing: Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust (Gluten Free)

I was seriously considering not posting this recipe because the photos I took turned out to be a little too Country Living for my tastes, but, after much debate, I decided to bite the bullet and post it because

A) The cheesecake was mighty delicious and I’m not even a huge cheesecake fan.

B) There is a cool visible layer on the outside of the cheesecake, which I love!

C) I wanted to show everyone that I do, occasionally, make desserts that aren’t from Baked!

D) This recipe can easily be made gluten free and I know that everyone appreciates a good gluten-free dessert!

I am also excited to be sharing this recipe because it is, in fact, a really cinchy one. Although, I am not happy that I still, somehow, managed to make not one, but two mistakes while preparing it! It was fifty percent my fault and fifty percent the fault of a missing step in the original recipe, but still . . . two mistakes! Oy vey. It actually turned out to be super yummy despite my errors, and I am thus posting my slightly altered version of the recipe, instead of the original.

Oh, and please note, the pomegranate seeds have nothing to do with the recipe, but were part of delicious pomegranate/orange juice/champagne concoction that was served before dinner. You can find the complete recipe after the jump.

Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust


2 cups gingersnap cookie crumbs (Trader Joe's carries delicious gluten-free gingersnaps! Check the ingredient list on your gingersnaps to make sure they are free of gluten.)
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
6 tablespoons butter (melted)
1/3 cup brown sugar
3 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese (room temperature)
3 eggs (slightly beaten)
1 cup white sugar
1 cup pumpkin puree
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/4 teaspoon cloves
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg


1. In a food processor, process the gingersnap cookies. Mix the cookie crumbs, ginger, and butter and press into the bottom and up 1 inch along the sides of a 9 inch spring form pan.

2. Bake the crust in a preheated 350F oven for 5 minutes and set aside.

3. Sprinkle brown sugar on top of baked crust.

4. Cream the cream cheese.

5. Mix in the eggs one at a time followed by the sugar, pumpkin puree, vanilla and then the spices.

6. Pour the mixture into the spring form pans.

7. Bake in a preheated 350F oven until it is set, about 60-70 minutes.

8. Let it cool completely.

9. Chill the cheesecake in the fridge overnight.

"My own animal" by Carlos ,5 A

It is a Lemur?. It is a Fox?. It is a snake?
No, it is a mixture of a lemur, a fox and a snake.
It has got a lemur´s tail, red fox´s legs and a snake´s head.
It lives in the wood.
It can run very fast and drag its head on the floor.
It can´t climb trees or fly.
It eats insects and little animals.
It is called LEMFOKE.
See you soon.

" My pop song " by Renata, 5B.

This is my song: I love your hair, I love your eyes, I love your white teeth, I love your little nose and your two little ears. And I love your mouth .So give me a KISS.

"My dog" by Laura V, Class 5A

Hi, mates!.
This is my pet.It is a dog.It´s very little.It´s a puppy.It´s black and white and it´s got black eyes and a short tail. It´s beautiful and very cute. It can run, walk and hop. I love my dog, he´s my friend.
That´s all for the moment. SEE YOU!.

myspace comments
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Bitter sweet Symphony in MEXICAN!!

" A tiger" by Janiel, 5B

Hello! This is my post about animals.
This is a tiger.It´s my favourite wild animal.It is orange with black stripes.It lives in the jungle with monkeys,
panthers,toucans, monkeys...It eats big or small animals. It can swim, run very fast, jump and climb trees.

Um ponte

Today I woke, walked to the faculty of Law, realised I was in the wrong building (there went my brief experience of law school), stumbled to the journalism building and there, I sat in a fairly interesting class about graphic design.

It all starts with a point.

We see a small dot and follow it, the dot becomes a line, a shape, a contour. These spaces are filled with colour, that we can break down into tones.

This is how we start to read images.

I like these little dot dancers.

A bold, confusing, yet undeniably stylish image courtesy of Vice.

Sam Taylor Wood feeling mostly ghostly.

Scary and beautiful.

I found this yellowing memory in the old mans club last week.