This is my pet!! by Paula C, 5A

Hi my classmates!!!
I love pets and animals.
This is my pet. It´s a goldfish. Have you got one?.
Its name is Star.It is two years old.It´s orange .It´s got fins, a tail and bulging eyes.
It can swim very fast and very well, but it can´t jump.It eats algaes and special food. If I give it different food it doesn´t eat it.When it´s hungry it opens its mouth.
It lives in an aquarium , plenty of aquatic plants.It hides behind a rock.It likes having friends.His favourite toy is a pirate boat.It doesn´t like the darkness, it gets very nervous.When I turn on the lights it´s happy.
I love my pet .It is perfect.I hope you like my post because I write it with a lot of illusion.
See you soon!!!!!