Porqueria do mar= shit from da sea

Pablo and his beach portrait photographed in the style of Mario Testino.

Flaming Marta and Maria wave Hola to Raul.


Being a humid and blustery day, os espanhois and I thought it best to wander aimlessly around Vila Do Conde, a sea side town 40 minutes from Porto.

Here we found little, run down houses sulking in the barely there midday sun. We found a monastery closed to the public, an appropriately terrifying orphanage and also, an aquaduct. We decided to ignore this.
Upon reaching the beach we danced the tide rolling in dance, made sand graffiti with umbrellas and admired the porqueria do mar proudly displayed along the shore.

This was followed by much walking, a group siesta on the train and finally, a slice of 1 euro pear cake at O centro Miguel Bombarda.

Bom Diggedy Wiggedy.