MVOTD Other Stuff (Day 52)

First off though, I shall confess that I didn't watch the entire music video before posting it yesterday. It was Super Junior's A-Cha, and I enjoyed many parts of it. However, I had some issues too. First and most irritating of all, they made Sungmin look like Ryeowook. Sungmin is the guy my cousins and I like to call "the guy who looks like everybody else". Therefore, as soon as the stylists dyed his hair orange and gave him square bangs, BOOM, he instantly turned into a Ryeowook lookalike. Ryeowook on the other hand, is actually kind of manly now. Both he and Shindong blend in very well with the other dancers, so it is hard to spot them dancing. The dance is also a little uninspiring, but that's okay. My only other complaint was the pants with stripes down the sides. Ever since track suits adopted the stripe, I have associated the stripe with sports and decided that it does not belong on 90% of trousers...ever. Plus it makes it look like they are wearing sweat pants a little bit. Other than that issue, the costumes are pretty solid, the editing is interesting, and they are all as beautiful as they normally are. Plus, the first 15 seconds rock.

Today's music video is Before U Go by TVXQ(the two members left in it) of SMENT. Don't bother watching the whole thing (unless you like TVXQ) since it's a five minute storyline song. Just watch the first two minutes. Then you get all the butt kicking action and ridiculous fur lined suits you want without feeling that the song is too long. Featuring U-Know Yunho and Max/Changmin(sic).