How to Get Your First Super Junior CD (Day 47)

Exactly as the title says, this is a functional way to get your first Super Junior CD. Atleast, I should say, it has worked once thus far by total and complete accident.

The Steps:
1) Like Super Junior
2) Convince someone to develop a crush on you. This can be a bit tricky as you are not supposed to know that they have a crush on you.
3) Have them take a road trip where they house veeeerrrrry close to a cities' China Town/Asian area. A lot of cities only have China Towns and do not have areas that represent South Korea, Japan, etc.
4) They need to be gift givers for this, but have them go to that area and look around for a present for you. They should know already that you are a Suju fan, so they will look for Super Junior stuff.
5) Have them purchase said Super Junior CD and give it to you.

For this one, unlike my 'How To Be Pretentious' lessons, the first step is the only easy step. The rest are really quite hit and miss. An easier and more sure path would be to buy one online or on iTunes, but that way isn't as interesting.

Today's music video, in keeping with the Super Junior theme, is Super Junior-M's Super Girl. This one has Hankyung, who is a very attractive man. It is an addicting song.