End of the Month Review: September (Day 53)

Review. September was a month of change. The weather got cold and then warmish again. I went from no job to working the fullest week possible. Some people told me they were pregnant, or rather, one did. Sewing came to a stand still. The internet went poop and then came back. Super Junior is doing SMTOWN in New York in October. There was a lot going on.

And now to pick the best music video of the ones that I posted in the last month. Thanks to a week's lack of internet, there may be less than 30 music videos to pick from. Let's see what they were.

Billie Piper - Because We Want To
Billie Piper - She Wants You
B2st/Beast - Say No
B2ST/Beast - Shock
DBSK/TVXQ - Mirotic
DBSK/TVXQ - Before U Go
Hangeng - Queen
London Boys - Harlem Desire
MBLAQ - Stay
New Kids on the Block - Step by Step
SMTOWN - Only Love
Super Junior - A-Cha
Super Junior - Don't Don
Super Junior - Marry U
Super Junior - Mr. Simple
Super Junior M - Super Girl
Super Junior T - Rokkugo
UKISS - Neverland
UV - Itaewon Freedom
ZE:A - All Day Long
ZE:A - Watch Out! (two of three versions)
2AM - I Will Love You, Even If I Die
2NE1 - I Am The Best
2NE1 - Ugly

Indeed, there are only 24. How fortuitous. There are some strong contenders here. Rokkugo, while a personal favourite, cannot win simply because I have seen it so many times. A-Cha isn't amazing enough either. Harlem Desire is best seen after watching Itaewon Freedom several times, and so cannot win. Neverland and Watch Out! may be the contenders; Neverland because of the good quality dancing, and Watch Out! because of the baby chicken dance. Both music videos, ironically, make use semi transclucent white trousers.
And the winner is... ZE:A's Watch Out!. This makes them winners two months in a row. Congrats to them.