Hairpins and Painting (Day 54)

I just got inside from sweeping the house. The outside of the house, or rather, one wall of the house outside. I swept all the little paint particles off so that Dad could repaint.  Now our house will be the exact same colour it used to be -- white. It's all very exciting.

Today's music video is Nothing's Over by Infinite of Woollim Entertainment(?) I just watched two Infinite music videos and they are more campy than Super Junior and Shinee. They definitely focus on the guys being really good friends, although to the North American eye it looks kind of like homoeroticism. Infinite has a pretty good sound. I would put them up there with Beast as fun to listen to. You know that an idol group is solid when you barely know what they look like and you like them for their sound. So here they are with a song that I don't know.