Recovering Yesterday (Day 49)

I am feeling grumpy. Unreasonably so I think. Yesterday it rained. It rained and rained and rained...and rained and then rained somemore. Usually this is no biggie. It rains here. It happens. However, yesterday, that rain may or may not have caused both my household internet and telephone to cease functioning. Last night it was fine that they didn't work. It was just the storm. This morning however, it was another story. It was very alienating and lonely to be without a fast way to contact people, not to mention that I got called in to work today (I knew because of the time they called) but lost a day of employment because I couldn't hear a thing they said. And then there were the questions of 'did this affect anyone else' and 'is the phone company working on it'? Therefore, today, I spent the time refreshing my memory on Stargate SG-1 and working on a music video. I currently sit in my neighbour's house typing away, because their internet works.

What this lack of internet means for you.
No blog for a week. Take it as you will.

The music video for today is Super Junior's Don't Don. This is partly because I was frazzled and frustrated but a moment ago, and partly because of my deep affection for Super Junior. Don't Don is a serious song about the ills that love of money creates...or something. Hankyung looks like a manga character in it. The best parts, other than Hankyung and Henry being in it, are that everyone looks so badass (I can't think of any synonyms or else I'd have used them). Enjoy.