Review of El Cid (Day 48)

Unfortunately, the only things I have watched recently are Super Junior music videos and the first part of El Cid, that 1961 classic. So, I will give my impression of the movie thus far.

Good things: Romantic face squishing, better ethnic casting than West Side Story, passionate characters, nice costumes.

Bad things: Pacing, characterization, pacing, lack of use of the antagonist, pacing, unlikable protagonists, pacing.

I give El Cid 2.5 out of 5. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone, but it is still a well crafted movie.

Today's music video is All Day Long by ZE:A, and yes I am on a ZE:A kick. They rock. Since All Day Long had fighting in it, I thought it was appropriate for the movie, which had lots of fighting. Lots of slow fighting.