What Kpop Sci-Fi Fans Do in Their Spare Time: Part 4

I think that a lot of things like this, as seen below, don't just occur in one person's head. They occur because two or more people were talking and an idea was voiced. That idea may have been mulled over, or adapted, but then eventually something was done with it.
Now why am I saying this? Well, definitely it is partly to fill space. I feel that I can't just post a picture. It needs to have words or a narrative. The other reason why I say this is because somehow I assisted my cousin in coming up with this idea.
Now I don't really know much about Pokemon. Extremely little actually, so I had no idea that there was a yellow circle around pokemon that were being caught. I also forgot that pokemon need to be trained. <Insert Super Junior training jokes here>. I was just pleased that she came up with a Super Junior nerd crossover and then made a picture and posted it online. So here is her picture.
Pretty, right?