MVOTD: Block B (Day 245)

Block B. Thanks to Eat Your Kimchi I actually watched their new video, Nillili Mambo. Thanks to watching it, I was super impressed. It was really well done. The costumes were well done. The colour and lighting was well done. The storyline, especially after watching Eat Your Kimchi's Kpop Music Monday, was funny. My favourite part was this part.
That's right, a guy getting ready to eat chicken. Amazing.
Now if you go to the video on, the description says that Nillili Mambo is pirate themed. This surprised me. I hadn't noticed the first two times I saw it. However, knowing that it is pirate themed, suddenly the boat was explained...and the weird sword noises when the song name comes up... and the pirate flag...and Zico's bad hairdo. Also, Zico's skull belt and the one guy's super old school guns suddenly make more sense. However, the mafia, the huge diamonds, the chicken scene, the bar scene, and the cowboy began to make less sense with the pirate them. After all, are Block B pirates, or are they not pirates? Do they actually know how to properly butcher and cook chicken? What happens to the diamonds? It would all make much more sense if it were an episode of Doctor Who, because we all know that Doctor Who throws rules to the wind.
Block B wins the 12:00 AM Month Changy Over Review of the Month Award/wins a Month End Review via loophole. That's right. Two winners for "October". Yay. And all just so Super Junior could win. :D That's E.L.F. love.