MVOTD: Month End Review (Day 150)

It's February 29th, the end of the month, and that means deciding which featured music video was the best most fun and ridiculous. Music videos featured in February were:

EXO-KWhat Is Love
EXO-MWhat Is Love
Nerd AlertBanelings
MBLAQThis is War
Midnight RedStep by Step
Super Junior (Parody)Mr. Simple
Super Junior-M (Parody)Perfection
Super Junior (Parody)A-Cha
DBSK/TVXQ (parody)Keep Your Head Down
David BisbalSin Mirar Astras
DBSK/TVXQShare the World
DBSK/TVXQSomebody to Love

What a great variety. There was vocal powerhousing from EXO, wonderful outfits from MBLAQ, nerdy pun references from Nerd Alert, and cleverness in the parodies although the music videos that stuck out were Midnight Red's Step by Step, and TVXQ's Share the World. These required no subtitles in order to be funny and/or entertaining. However, the parodies were also great. Honourable mentions were Super Junior's Mr. Sinful, Super Junior-M's Perfection, and "TVXQ"'s Keep Your Head Down.

Unfortunately, Share the World was funny without being a catchy tune, so I can't let it win. Similarly, Step by Step was catchy without being terribly funny. Therefore New Kid's on the Block's Step by Step wins. It combines the colour theme and song epicness of both music videos in one 80's masterpiece. Please enjoy.