MVOTD: Henry Lau (Day 151)

In honour of Justin Bieber's birthday, which is today, March 1st, today's "music video" of Henry Lau's Off My Mind. Now, you might be wondering why, if it is Justin Bieb's birthday, Henry Lau is being played. The answer?

Both the Biebs and Henry are from Ontario, Canada. Therefore, they must know each other and/or be friends (this is a false assumption).
Henry Lau speaks more than four different languages, while the Biebs, he doesn't speak four languages.
Henry Lau has been legal for four years. Justin has been legal for several hours.
Henry Lau is basically a part of Super Junior and that means he's great, even if his song does take awhile to get used to.

Therefore, let us all enjoy Henry's performance of Off My Mind
Here's hoping the Spanish subs are accurate.