Monday Review: Star Wars Uncut (Day 143)

There is a movie out there that is slowly making the rounds of its potential fans. This movie causes headache, confusion, occasional disgustedness, and inspiration. This movie is Star Wars Uncut.

The original premise was that Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope was chopped up into 15 second segments and anybody from anywhere in the world could redo that 15 seconds for a giant puzzle movie (open source movie?). Aka, Every 15 seconds the art style changes. There are cartoons. There are men wearing garbage bags. There are children running around in stormtrooper outfits. There are tiny lego men waddling about. All these styles together make for one big headache...and they are impressive. You DO have to have A New Hope memorized line by line in order to make sense of the whole movie, but it is interesting how different people interpreted and redid famous Star Wars scenes.

Pros: Seeing the scope of Star Wars fandom, seeing the artistic ways that Star Wars/any sci-fi can be done, seeing a baby stormtrooper "running" off to capture Princess Leah, pregnant woman Darth Vader, realizing that you have A New Hope memorized, and appreciating what fans can do together.

Cons: The headache that is guaranteed from watching the film (you just have to pay so much attention), some scenes which would have been better left on someone's private computer (creepy creepy C-3PO), and the disparity between the high quality scenes and the low quality scenes. 

Overall Star Wars Uncut gets a 4 out of 5 for originality, difficulty of producing, and pure fan dedication. It's worth a watch. Just beware of creepy C-3PO.