MVOTD: Parody Festival (Day 143)

There are many ways to enjoy a song. There's listening to it, watching the music video, and deliberately misinterpreting the song. Misinterpreting the song is especially fun when you don't know the language it is being sung in. Thus, the parody. For Kpop, parodies consist of subtitles that are meant to be funny inserted into the music video. This week is my week of parody music videos.

There are many types of parodies for pop music. Most of them are risque. Some of them are high quality. Today's parody, Mr. Simple by Super Junior, is of the good variety. The parodier of this one is a parody artist, making fun of the group while not insulting the fans and giving most people a good clean laugh. I think most Kpop fans appreciate her work. I do. Especially when it comes to making fun of Sungmin.