Skip-Beat! Episode 8 Review (Day 148)

Episode 8
Jiang Nan Qin and Gong Xi are participating in auditions for a beverage commercial. They were teamed together for acting, but due to Fei Li Hwa’s cheatery, were forced to act without practice or prior discussion. Thus, Jiang Nan Qin is placed in charge of the first scene: two friends fighting over a guy. Jiang wows the judges with an amazing display of tears.  For the second scene Gong Xi is in charge, but Fei Li Hwa the cheater steals her idea before she can use it. Caught in a tough spot, like a tiger, Gong Xi springs into action and massacres the enemy Fei Li Hwa with her amazing improv skills.  
Due to Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin’s amazing success, the whole of LME has to be informed that the Love Me Section is going to do a commercial. First, a trip to the president’s office, where he, dressed up safari gear, is hunting people in animal costumes. Next, cute Mr. Du goes to inform Dun He Lian of Gong Xi’s success. Lian is clearly thrilled (he smiled for 0.3 seconds after all), but Mr. Du somehow fails to notice. They head off to a shoot where Mary (who is like 8) defends her man Lian (she wishes) from other women. She is followed shortly by her grandfather the president. He comes in riding the human camel and is accompanied by a marching band. He also wears a hat with a very large feather, reminiscent of Pirates of the Carribean.
At the commercial recording site, Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin prance over grass fields whilst dressed like school girls. It is all very happy. Insert important bit about Gong Xi yearning to be a student, and then get Mr. Du sick.
Since Mr. Du is so super sick, LME gets Gong Xi to fill in for him. She has no idea what she’s doing and messes things up horribly, yet Dun He Lian can only seem to help her out. Why did he have to be a fairy (like literally as far as I can tell. He had wings and blonde hair after all) as a teenager? If he hadn’t, he could be mean to Gong Xi like he is with everyone else.