MVOTD: TVXQ (Day 148)

Question: What is one thing one wouldn't expect a boyband to sing?

Answer: Anime theme songs.

Why not? Mostly because boybands are known for upbeat love songs, not stuff with guitars and lyrics that relate to a storyline. Well, TVXQ bucked the trend. They sang two songs for the anime, One Piece.

The music video for one of One Piece's theme songs, Share the World, is ridiculous. TVXQ shows off in various computer generated environments. They walk forward and disappear for about a minute. Then they are in a misty shell shaped spacehip room which is followed by them "swimming" through water which later turns into the sky. All together, it's very reminiscent of Japanese boyband KAT-TUN and that fact made me laugh inside. In fact, it's funny all on its own. The waterman who turns into Jaejoong, the "swimming" in the water, the "swimming" in the sky, the slow motion picture's all very entertaining. The only bad thing is the tight pants. The rest is great. Please enjoy.