Skip-Beat! Episode 9 Review (Day 149)

Episode 9
Gong Xi’s wretched first day of being Dun He Lian’s manager is over. She only broke equipment, leaked a classified schedule, and embarrassed him so ...he takes her out for steak. Afterwards they take a stroll and discuss her hate on for Bu Po Shang. Little does Gong Xi know, but Lian is actually a (blonde) fairy who used to spy on her as she talked about getting married to Bu Po. He still disapproves of her in showbiz, but that doesn’t matter because he is clearly in process of falling madly in love with her.
Gong Xi is given a chance to go to college. Lian remembers her childhood some more. Then Lian catches a cold, the first cold he has ever had. Gong Xi calls it like it is, but he has to do lots of acting…in rain, before he can do anything about it. Thus, a classic scene is necessitated, the attractive man falling on the female lead scene, caused, of course, by him collapsing due to his fever. Why are people so incapacitated by fevers in mangas and dramas? Are fevers a bigger deal in Asia?
Anyway, while Dun He Lian is having flashbacks of Gong Xi, Gong Xi is fantasizing about revenging herself on Bu Po Shang. In a particularly good one, she chases him down with a motorcycle and leers at him. Ooooo.
Since Lian is sick, Gong Xi buys him lots of stuff to get well with…and then she makes him breakfast. He doesn’t feel alarmed that she was free in his house all night. Probably because he isn’t Bu Po Shang. Then she impresses him with her sweet new acting skills and profession that maybe revenge isn’t the only reason she wants to be a star.
It is at this point that Gong Xi’s commercial comes out. Everyone is amazed and starts trying to hire Jiang Nan Qin and Gong Xi. Everyone including Bu Po Shang’s company. Dun dun dun… However, Gong Xi is determined to use Bu Po in order to make herself popular and she is going to plow into that situation, unknowing of the obstacles ahead of her. Those being, namely, Bu Po recognizing her and her prior classmate also being in the MV.