MVOTD: "Keep Your Head Down" (Day 146)

Continuing on the parody festival, today's music video is "TVXQ's" Keep Your Head Down. While it's not surprising that SM didn't rename them after they lost three members (that leaves two), it still feels like a falsehood.

This TVXQ parody is also by the parodiere artist, and is therefore clever instead of about boylove (a common parody theme). In addition to a clever theme, TVXQ aka. Yunho (U-Know) and Changmin (Max), wear some delightfully bad outfits. First up is Yunho in his suit tails with a sleeve missing. Who stole it? Who knows. U-know's. Bad pun. Second up is Max in the lowest cut suit jacket I've seen yet, with the biggest roundest shoulders I've seen on men. It's strangely attractive and laugh inducing at the same time. What could beat this? Their matching suits that look like they're made out of couch material, that's what. I also have such a jacket. Maybe it will be cool now.

As for redeeming features, this parody doesn't need them because it is so great. However it does have some. First, the song is actually pretty catchy. Second, the dancing is really slick. TVXQ could always dance and they prove it again here. Even though the viewers are distracted by the couch suits, Max and Yunho dance away dazzingly. The third and last thing, the parody makes lots of sense. TVXQ was/is the most popular boyband ever, the new Kpop groups coming out do have increasingly hard to pronounce names (B1A4 anyone?), and there are huge amounts of Kpop groups debuting. All itogether, this is one good parody. May all the Cassies like it.