Skip-Beat! Episode 7 Review (Day 146)

Some opening comments. Skip-Beat! is one of those shows that you didn't know you wanted to watch...unless you read the manga or have a crush on Super Junior. Either way, it is filled with surprises and ridiculousness and is therefore worth a view or two. One of the surprises? Mr. Du is one of the cutest characters. Here's a picture with Mr. Du in it.
So not the best picture, but you get the idea. I like his big head and small neck, escpecially with the way that he smiles. He is the most adorable 35ish year old man.

Now back to the episode recap.

Episode 7
Gong Xi’s foibles have caused Bu Po Shang to have a mini concert on the program set, and, instead of seething with anger, she watches from the sidelines dazzled by Bu Po’s skills. She then wanders off in her deranged chicken outfit. Meanwhile Bu Po Shang figures out that the chicken was her and does his amazing arm swings of self-congratulations. Deranged chicken Gong Xi then runs into Dun He Lian and…he confides in her deranged chicken self. Apparently Dun He Lian 1) is a foreigner, and 2) has been fired MANY times before, despite always being popular. Gong Xi is shocked and amazed…especially after he calls her his friend. Mr. Du is of course more surprised that Lian would have ANY friends.
Next, Gong Xi has a nightmare where Shang, Jiang Nan Qin, and Lian all wield a giant meat clever while threatening the Gong Xi chicken. The most entertaining part was Siwon (Lian) trying to leer menacing while flipping Gong Xi the bird…and then repeating that scene again not a minute later. Siwon cannot leer or flip the bird convincingly (and we love him for it). He just looks funny.
Fortunately, there is plot movement to help us forget Siwon’s bird flippage. Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin both sign up to audition for a commercial. There, at the auditions, Jiang’s long time rival Fei Li Hwa prances onto the scene and bribes the judges right there in front of the other competitors. The other competitors explode into action, making reckless attempts at getting the judges attention and the auditions resume. Jiang and Gong Xi plot to take over the world…by wearing shiny pink coveralls to the auditions and Fei Li Hwa admits that she’s spent her life trying to make Jiang cry (Why are the villains so desperate?).
Fei Li Hwa’s three colour co-ordinated stooges then try to bribe the commercial’s director with, dun dun dun….pineapple pastries…and money. They fail and Fei is left to her own devices. Her only confidence is that Jiang has never acted before. False! She doesn’t know it but Jiang is a great and talented actor.  To prove it, Jiang and Gong Xi are going to perform a friendship skit without practicing or discussing it. Dun dun dun… Will that even work?