Some Nannering on Super Junior (Day 190)

That's right. This is where I talk about Super Junior and you get to read it. Today, June 21, is Ryeowook of Super Junior's birthday. My wall calendar told me so. As it turns out, it is also my brother's birthday, so it is easy to remember. Happy birthday to both of them.
If you know Ryeowook, you know that he is the smallest and most petite member of Super Junior. He does the cute stuff. However, for Super Junior's fifth album, he suddently got manly. Here is a picture of him being manly.
Image from Image Shack
If you are a Super Junior fan, please imagine all the members being just as manly as Ryeowook. Or rather, imagine them all doing the lip touchy thing he did in Mr. Simple. If you are not a Super Junior fan, feel free to express your surprise at how manly Ryeowook is.
Have a good day.