MVOTD: F(x) (Day 189)

First off, I should admit something. Recently, the first time I watch an F(x) music video (at least Hot Summer and Electric Shock) the only thing I notice is the costumes. As in, I see that the stylists were trying to make everyone cute but they really only succeeded in giving everybody excessively unflattering outfits. Sigh.

Cue F(x)'s Electric Shock. I'm pretty sure that the song is okay (except when they say "lazer") and the dancing is okay, but the outfits are too distracting. Who decided that a super loose shirt with its front tucked into super tight pants was a good idea? And the booty shorts are even worse. From what I've seen, waist-high booty shorts kind of look like diapers when worn by k-pop girl groups (Watch Chi-Chi's Don't Play Around to really see what I mean). Thus, waist-high booty shorts are a bad idea at all times. Giant pockets on the belly on a shirt and unnattractive unisex clothes round out the bad costume selections. But wait, there's one more thing. F(x)'s stylists don't seem to know how to clothe someone who is not stick skinny. The blond one, who has ever so slightly more girth than the rest, keeps on getting outfits that chop her body up into ungainly sections. They manage to make her legs look short, her hips look flat, and her breasts look non-existant. Now is that a way to treat a lady? No. No it's not. F(x)'s stylists are dropping the ball.
  As a song, Electric Shock wins because the fans like it. As a costume parade doesn't win so much. The colours are fun, but there are just so many bad style choices. Chalk one up to singers valiant attempts losing to stylists' choices.