No Laggard in Love: Chapter 12 Review

It's dark outside, Wow-Wow is barking madly, and Louise decided to call Alistair in order to return the ring her cousin sent with her.
Chapter 12

Louise has called up 'Aunt Catrin' on the telephone and has been transfered to Alistair. He thinks that she is Lynnette and says things that are supposed to be romantic but aren't. She tells him she isn't Lynnette, she's Linnet and she needs to meet him in order to give him something. He is suspicious of her, but agrees to meet right away, on the dirt track between Hamish's house and Aunt Catrin's mansion. Louise, in a fit of 'smartness', sneaks out of the house (past Wow-Wow) and goes to meet him. It turns out, he makes her walk most of the way and then forces her into a small cabin where he interrogates her. She, bless her heart, had forgotten about the smuggled package and so couldn't tell him that she had it in the car. Then they yell at each other and she storms off back toward the road.