MVOTD: Super Junior (Day 190)

In honour of Ryeowook's birthday, and manliness in Mr. Simple, today's music video is Super Junior's Mr. Simple in Japanese. That's right, they made two versions of it at the same time, but released them months apart. Smart move that. Makes it fresh again.

As far as critic goes, Mr. Simple in Japanese is basically like Mr. Simple in Korean, but shorter because it's from Avex Network. There are some dance parts that have improved. Donghae's outfits continue to be just as heinous as before and Sungmin's outfits just as wonderful. Ryeowook gets all manly. Eunhyuk says, "Dance!". Yup, it's about the same as the original.
For those who are not hardcore Super Junior fans, here is a Korean version video that indicates who is who. Somebody lovingly put together an introduction of Super Junior for new fans. It's cute, and includes pictures from the really bad photoshoot.