MVOTD: Hangeng (Day 191)

Having posted a lovely Super Junior music video yesterday, I thought it was a good time to post a Hangeng music video, what with them having one been band mates and all. Fortunately for me, a new music video came out six days ago, Kuang Cao.
Kuang Cao is amazing. It's immediately and obviously a Hangeng music video with shots of random things in odd lighting and a hand (his hand) letting go of some dirt. Then it gets really good. Everyone is dressed up in what I hope are ancient Chinese warrior outfits (I'm hoping because they remind me of gladiator, viking, and barbarian stuff). The warriors are very tough, and one even has a ferocious dog on a leash. Or maybe the dog is not so ferocious. Hangeng shows up on his mighty steed, with his platinum blond quasi-hawk. All the warriors leap to attack him and he sits there yelling on his horse. The warriors twirl their weapons and do epic leaps and...he twirls his flag and yells some more. When the warriors chase him into a mysterious dark mist, the mist attacks them and then unhorses Hangeng. There is much falling over and weapons leaping through the air at this point. All seems lost, but then the fairy of the mist sees Hangeng and...all the warriors become his allies. Obviously I am missing something, but I don't speak Mandarin so I hope that can be excused. Here is the music video.
While Hangeng's Kuang Cao has no dancing in it, it is an enjoyable piece. The warriors provide lots of movement and the colourless tone makes it dynamic. The costumes are confusing, since they appear to be from different eras and empires, but that's not terribly important because Hangeng's outfit is great. Hangeng looks fabulous in his armor and kind of looks like a fantasy character with all that fur flying around. Honestly, I would want his outfit as my cosplay for D&D if it were woman sized.
Kuang Cao is everything a Hangeng music video has come to mean to me. It's cheesy, it's kind of bad, and it's spectacular. In short. Kuang Cao stands at the top of the music video heap as an amazing work of art. Good job Hangeng and crew.