MVOTD: Kim Kyu Jong (Day 191)

Kim Kyu Jong, formerly of SS501, released a nice little song before his apparent departure to the military. Yesterday, which seems to be about romantic relationships, is every bit the classic music video but for one thing. Sexy suspender dancing. That's right, Kyu Jong's choreographer took every swing dancer's favourite belt-like item and made it sexy. Or rather, he used it to imply 'stripping'. Considering that lots of groups do the thing where they slide their blazer off their shoulder (aka. stripping), suspenders are kind of brilliant. They achieve the same result while keeping the singer more cool.
My only other other comments are that the female lead's white dress was really cute, and once she becomes catatonic the music video kind of gets depressing. It was probably because it became more like him imposing his will on her after that. In general Yesterday is a nice little music video.