No Laggard in Love: Chapter 14 Review

Last time in No Laggard in Love, Louise was running through the bush, trying to get to safety. Her head, however, met up with a tree and/or club, rendering her unconcious.

Chapter 14

Louise wakes up from being unconcious. She is tied, roast pig style, in a boat house. Alistair and Fergus, Aunt Catrin's warden, are talking about getting rid of her. They agree that it is too dangerous to get rid of (kill) her right away, so they decide to come back at midnight to do the deed. They leave, Louise gets angry and achieves nothing, and then Wow-Wow shows up to the rescue, Hamish in tow. Hamish releases her from her bonds and they scurry back to the house only to find the car's 'tyres' (Britishisms...) have been slit and the phone lines cut. Knowing they can't bunker in the house, they change clothes and book it to the secret car (a Fiat 450) in the decrepid shack and make a break for it. Louise fills Hamish in on all the details that she had forgotten or had been witholding, including the bit where she noticed both Alistair and Mona had died hair. Hamish fills Louise in on what happened on the cruise liner. Apparently a C.I.A. agent went overboard, probably due to Alistair. But wait, there is a car in hot pursuit, and it is most likely Alistair the murderer...