MVOTD: Kim Hyung Jun (Day 191 the Third)

Kim Hyung Jun, formerly of SS501, not to be confused with either Kim Hyun Joong or Kim Kyu Jong of the same group, released a nice little song last year. That song, oH! aH!, is a pleasant blend of song, dance, and comfortable cardigans. In it, Kim Hyung Jun wears a very non-threatening wardrobe filled with pastel suits, v-necked sweaters, and soft cardigans. He is every bit the attractive 'nerd' in a suit, which is a great look for him.
The dancing, it is also soft. I think the movements, being smooth and relaxed/slow, create a comfortable feeling. To add to the overall feeling of softness, the storyline of the music video is a dream with fuzziness. The dream story is interesting having cute, creepy, funny, and anxious parts.The asthetics are good and the flow is nice. oH! aH! is a success of a music video being interesting throughout and pleasant to listen to.