No Laggard in Love: Chapter 15 Review

Last time in No Laggard in Love, Louise was saved by Wow-Wow and Hamish from death in a boat house. Together they made their escape in a Fiat, but Alistair was on their trail and pursued them in his scary scary vehicle. And now, for more of No Laggard in Love.

Chapter 15
Alistair and Fergus are in hot pursuit of Louise and Hamish. Both cars are zipping along round bends at untold speeds, and Alistair is gaining on the Fiat. Fortunately, Alistair is driving a big fat wide car. Hamish takes a hidden turn at 70 onto a dirt path with a steep incline. Alistair zooms on past and has to recount his steps. Hamish zips up and down the mountain side with Alistair inching ever closer. Louise is given a revolver and told to shoot Alistair’s ‘tyres’ when he gets closer. Louise cannot shoot anybody. Not when the car gets shot, not when her window is shattered. She just can’t do it until... Wow-Wow is brought into the fray. She hears Wow-Wow given a wail of agony and her eyes go red. Pow! Pow! pow! How dare they shoot her baby? She shoots out Alistair’s headlights and then windshield, causing Alistair to land in a bog (sucka’!). She shoots until all the bullets are gone and Hamish pries the gun out of her hands. Turns out she’s injured worse than Wow-Wow is. Now the only thing left to do is get to the nearest town and phone the police.