MVOTD: Xia Junsu (Day 233B)

You've seen Geromino's No One Like You (or have you?), now it's time for Xia Junsu's TarantellegraI've been waiting to review this music video for almost two weeks because editing photos together takes so long (not two weeks long, just an hour or so, but even that was clearly not possible).
According to report, Xia Junsu has had every solo music video of his banned in South Korea for being too sexy. ...I really like Korea's standards being so high. Normally, Junsu feeling free to be sensual in a music video would bother me, except in Tarantellegra I choose to ignore it because the costumes are too amazing. I personally, was left breathless at the beginning the first time I watched it, mezmerized by the sheer goodness of costuming and make-up. Who ever made his costumes should get a grammy...or whatever they give costumers. They did such a good job. Such a good job! ...except for the glittery neck cardigan, but still. The costumes!
The blue jacket with spiky sleeves combined with the very long Spanish (open), black shirt, blue slacks, and riding boots was such a good look for Junsu. It accentuated his skinnyness, while making your eyes follow his arms and feet. That said, the dancing is worth watching. It is energetic and interesting...for the first half.
The shoulder jacket with the red stripped tails and leatherish pants are gorgeous too, although maybe a touch too feminine. They give movement to his every step, give him curves, and accentuate the fashion walk/dance. Plus his blond swoosh made the whole outfit look like it was cascading down on him, which is just like a costume designer to aim for. 
Also pretty epic was the Dr. Horrible outfit, but it was in such a wide frame that it couldn't be fully appreciated. Here are some shots of these gorgeous outfits, from the Youtube of course.
Cinematically, Tarantellegra was great. The shots were well done with interesting colour pallettes (sic), angles, and depths of field. The dancing was broken up by still shots, people, or other things like everyone videotaping Junsu. Junsu was also not in every frame, which is great because it gives a break from him before going back for more. He also changed hair colour and styles several times within the music video, which gave variety of look. Cinematically, it was a strong music video. The biggest issue (for me) was all the sexy dancing, sexy groping, sexy holding up of random guys shirts, sexy plastic tube dancing, etc. etc. Sexy isn't substance. It's like icing. It's supposed to go on something more substantial. Too much of it gives you a belly ache and a visit to the dentist.
Originally I had wanted to say, "The costumes, the sets, the dance, the song... it's intoxication.", and make a Junsu pun, but instead I shall say that Junsu had all the makings of a great music video, and made it less than it could have been by overplaying the sexiness. Too bad Junsu.