Wooden Popsicles

I’m not a fan of useless objects. Usually, whenever I see a useless object, all I can envision is it sitting in a huge landfill, along with all the rest of the useless objects in the world, taking up space, polluting the planet. Useless objects make me sad, mad, and all the other bad words, but just now, looking at these wooden popsicles, I  actually felt happy!

Created by Italian designer Mauro Savoldi (aka Johnny Hermann), each popsicle is handmade, completely unique, and numbered (in a series of 150). The colors and the designs are really lovely and I can’t seem to stop looking at them! Who knew that  a wooden popsicle could be so gorgeous? If only it could be used for something. Perhaps you could use it as a fly swatter? Anyhoo, Mauro himself admits that they’re useless, which, frankly, makes me love them even more. For additional information on Johnny Herman designs, click here. Contact Mauro for purchasing info.