MVOTD: Geronimo (Day 233A)

Today's Music Video Of The Day comes in two parts, or should I say two videos, both drastically different from each other. The first is Geronimo's No One is Like You, which is honestly not a music video, but that doesn't matter, right? The second will be Xia Junsu's costuming amazingness Tarantellegra, which takes sexiness to a very North American place. 
I have to be honest. I know Geromino. He loves God and rap and the people of Northern Manitoba. He's a respectable guy. He wrote a respectable song with respectable sound. I've listened to this song three times since I woke up and I think it's my favourite song of his. It would go well in any playlist. I think it's way more respectable than Xia Junsu's Tarantellegra for sure, and definitely says more about the person who wrote it but the music video is most assuredly on the weak side. This is one of those Youtube videos that you listen to and don't watch. I look forward to see if he'll write any more "rap worship songs". On the whole, good job Geromino.