MVOTD: Hangeng (Day 226)

Hangeng has come out with yet another music video. It includes lots of artistic shots of stuff and people doing things. However, you have to wait 45 seconds before it begins. It is called Betrayal of the Soul
Betrayal of the Soul is a song I really like. It is slow and ballady. The music video is really just a catalyst to get more people to listen to the song. It shows Hangeng and associates walk through the airport, get picked up, go to the location, set up to film, and film. It also shows Hangeng washing his hair in a sink, which is awkward. All of this subject material is not actually all that interesting, but rather accompanies the music.
...Unless you are interested in the process of production that is. Therefore, Betrayal of the Soul gets a below average mark for music video and an above average mark for song.