MVOTD: U-KISS (Day 227)

I originally wanted to beat Kpop Music Mondays to the punch to review the new U-KISS music video, but it turns out that I do not know which one is the new one.
For awhile, I thought it was Doradora, where my least favourite member all of a sudden became attractive when he got blonded. Turns out, Eat Your Kimchi has already reviewed it. That's probably a good thing, because I was going to complain about the guy "laying" on the bed for a ridiculous amount of time.
Yup. That guy on the bed.
The next option is Believe, which comes complete with English speaking intro. The intro is pretty good, as English in Kpop goes and then the rest of the stuff happens. Too much chap stick, awkward touching of one's own chest, dancing in a really small area (which is impressive actually), the reappearance of the set from Infinite's Paradise, and guys creeping on each other in the bathroom.
But no, Kpop Music Monday has already done that one too. 
Maybe the new music video is One of You, which is a Japanese music video with Avex. It is surprisingly energetic and campy, yet underwhelming. 
The song does become quite fun in the middle though. Fun and happy.
The new music video is definitely not A Shared Dream, as that came out in February. A Shared Dream focuses on texture and light instead of action, and is actually more interesting than One of You because of it. The song is also more solemn, intense, and dramatic.
The worst part of it is the guy in the stripey housecoat.
Conclusion. One of You is probably the new music video. However, it is also kind of the most disapointing, especially when compared to the other three options. It doesn't bring anything fresh to what is happening in Kpop/Jpop or even really anything that one could pretend was fresh. The strongest part was the dubstepping at the end, but dubstep is so cool this year that everyone does it. However, U-KISS is obviously skilled enough that it isn't a fail on their end. It's a fail on production's end. Good try U-KISS.