MVOTD: Wonder Girls (Day 225)

The Wonder Girls made a wonderful comeback this summer when they returned from making bad North American music videos and made a really fun high energy Korean one. 
They went from vinyl record themed outfits in The DJ is Mine (with badly placed targets and bad acting) where they should not have competed against native English speakers because it took away from their performance, to a music video were Sohee smiles.
That's right. They went from this, to this.
Everybody is having fun in the new Korean music video for Like This. The Wonder Girls, the people, the viewers. It's so full of joy and excitement that you kind of want to learn the dance and do it with the music video. The setting is cool because it is public and accessible, the filming is great, the costumes are mostly cute, and some of it seems genuinely spontaneous. Like This is a great summer song and music video.