Observations of the Super Junior Variety

 I have, for a long time, wished that I could get pictures directly from music videos so that I could show which costume I was talking about. Now, with the advent of me learning the print screen shot trick, comes some of that.
In my recent viewing of Super Junior's new music video, Sexy, Free & Single, I realized that Sungmin looked really great. He rocked almost all the looks he was given, and looked really masculine during the whole music video. It reminded me of other times he was given really good outfits in music videos. Therefore, in honour of him looking good, here is a compilation picture of looks that Sungmin has rocked.
And yes I know that one look is repeated. It's just that the whole look was good, so it had to be shown from all angles.
The other very noticeable thing in Sexy, Free & Single was Yesung. I went from knowing his face very well to having to deduce who he was. Sometimes a change in hairstyle or make-up can do this. This is not the case for Yesung though, so I composed a comparison picture.
I don't know if his face has changed or it's just the new haircut, but I do know that his eyes have changed. They don't point down in that adorable way anymore. Now they're all sexyified. Maybe I'll get used to it later, but right now I'm disappointed. I liked Yesung being adorable.

Picture credits go to SM Enterainment on Youtube.com