MVOTD: Demon Hunter (Day 201)

And so another day has dawned where I asked my brother for a music video suggestion. This time around, the answer was very definite. Demon Hunter's Lifewar.
Lifewar is a short song about the singer's(?) life, with the theme of Jesus Christ being there with him/us in life's battles. As a music video, Lifewar is simple but complex. The singer stands statically, applying symbolic mud(life issues) to his head and singing epically. Then the "river" that is God's power/forgiveness washes over him and cleans the mud away. He gets strangled by the American flag, which, according to my brother is symbolic of the singer being Christian over being American and getting chocked up with patriotism. More epic singing, something funny, and then the end. All together a powerful symbolic music video of the epic variety.