MVOTD: Jo Kwon (Day 199)

Jo Kwon is the most flamboyant kpop singer I know of. Really. In conjunction with Big Hit Entertainment he recently came out with a solo music video, I'm Da One...and it is amazing. All the cheesy campiness that is Jo Kwon shines bright. The smiles, the silly storyline, the teenage style blazers. He's so shiny and smiley. Oh! He will blow your mind. He makes champagne explode on its own.
For added mind blowing, there is some text to the storyline. It goes like this.
"Once upon a time, there was a king of a kingdom.
He was loved by his people, and all of his people also loved him.

But the King did not know of how hungry the people lived outside his palace.
He only had time to sing and dance with subordinates and people who lived within the palace.
And then one day...

The tale of JoKwon."
Epic. Yeah.