No Laggard in Love: Chapter 16 Review

Louise and Hamish have just narrowly escaped a high speed car chase through the windy roads of backwoods Scotland. They have yet to tell the authorities that Alistair is a murderer.
Chapter 16
Louise and Hamish are at Kirsty’s, the maid's, house. They take care Louise and Wow-Wow’s injuries and then hustle Louise off to bed. When she awakes, Hamish is off to Perth, Fergus is in jail, and Alistair and his secret wife Mona have escaped. Figuring that Hamish was taking care of it and the whole fiasco was over, Louise takes a walk in the woods with Wow-Wow. There, a land rover pulls up, Mona gets out, and Alistair trains his gun on Louise. They threaten to shoot Wow-Wow if Louise doesn’t tell them where the secret smuggled package is. It turns out, the package was passports and Alistair needs his to get out of the country. Louise tells them where to find the passports but refuses to get in the car when Alistair demands it. Then, a big Homber drives up, stops dramatically and a very British man gets out…to shoot Alistair in the ankle. It’s Louise’s dad and Margery, there to save the day. Alistair drops the gun and Louise retrieves it magically. Margery captures Mona. The bad guys are captured! What will happen next?