A Good Reason Not To Fish in Your Front Yard

Or rather, one reason not to fish around trees.

The other week we had a young man in the front yard. Weird right? He was swinging his fishing pole around, trying to practise casting. I thought, "That's a bad idea. What if he hits the parked cars with the fish hook and they get scratched?", but I didn't say anything. So he kept on swinging the fishing pole around, letting the fish hook twirl in the air. He got it stuck on the pine tree. He went to get it unstuck. His dad suggested that he stop casting around trees.
Therefore...he cast it again, higher. So high in fact, that he cast it 20 feet up into the upper branches of our maple tree. Good job there. Good job.
The hook was stuck. No matter how he tugged at it, his fish hook was stuck in the tree. His dad was about to cut the fishing line holding the hook to the pole when this young fellow whips out a ladder and climbs house height into the tree. Going onto smaller and smaller branches with outstretched arms didn't succeed so...he got a hockey stick. Holding onto the tree with one hand, 15 feet in the air, and waving the hockey stick around with the other hand, this guy waddled out onto a teeny tiny branch...and succeeded at getting the fish hook down. Imagine a figure skater standing on tippy toe trying to prod a spider web with a giant stick, and you will get about what it looked like.
It was all very entertaining. What lesson can we learn from this situation? I think it is this. If you don't want people gawking at you whilst you perilously climb a tree and look ridiculous, don't cast your fish hook in the front yard.

Good day.